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Opinion: Learning a lesson about having a cult leader at the helm of society

A narcissistic egomaniac with delusions of godhood does not belong in the White House.

Mesa County clerk posts voter-fraud claims but cites no evidence

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters tweeted in response to a Republican U.S. senator who denounced his colleagues for their plan to challenge the Electoral College certification Wednesday.

Colorado lawmakers’ coronavirus aid plans include distributing $22.5 million in taxpayer money through nonprofits

Democrats claim that sending the money through non-governmental organizations will ensure it is distributed quickly. Republicans worry about plans to send aid to people living in the U.S. illegally.

Colorado, two other states pass amendments clarifying that “only citizens” can vote

A Florida-based organization called Citizen Voters, Inc., funded a majority of the state campaigns for these amendments — including $1.4 million towards Colorado's efforts

The next four weeks will determine if Cory Gardner keeps his job. Here’s how he plans to shift the tide.

Every poll since October 2019 has shown the Republican incumbent trailing. One survey had him within 5 percentage points of John Hickenlooper, but most surveys show the senator facing a much larger deficit.

17-year-olds would no longer be able to vote in Colorado primaries if ballot question passes

Amendment 76 will ask voters in November to specify that only U.S. citizens age 18 and older are eligible to participate in Colorado elections

Nicolais: Trump is losing it, but what he really fears is being a loser

Trump’s toothless threat to postpone the election underscores that he doesn't care about dragging Republicans down with him

Douglas County to opt out of mask mandate, moves to leave Tri-County Health Department

The saga between Tri-County and Douglas County isn't the only instance of friction between public health officials and elected politicians in Colorado since the coronavirus crisis began.

“Brutal” and “nasty” only begin to describe the GOP battles in Weld County ahead of the primary

Anonymous attacks, false accusations and big money groups target legislative, county commission races in this deep-red county

Colorado governor announces distribution of $1.6 billion in federal coronavirus aid; most of it directed to education

The money was given to Colorado through the passage of the CARES Act. Legislative leaders cautioned that the money won’t solve the state’s budget problems.

A partisan lawsuit is looming over Colorado’s 2020 legislative session — and getting costly for taxpayers

Republicans in the state Senate last year sued Democrats when they used several computers to speed-read legislation GOP lawmakers wanted to be read at length. The legal action remains ongoing.

Colorado Springs is emblematic of the gender gap opening among Hispanics who could be key in 2020

Overall, Latinos are far more likely to be Democrats than Republicans, but Hispanic men are more likely than Hispanic women to vote Republican

Drew Litton: Choosing sides

Hickenlooper didn’t always reimburse travel on private planes, report says. An ethics panel will decide if that was illegal.

Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission released its report Thursday into allegations that Hickenlooper violated state law last year by accepting gifts over $59 on multiple occasions

Gov. Polis and state lawmakers eye changes to how police-involved deaths are investigated in Colorado

County sheriffs and the top prosecutor in the state’s largest judicial district want the brakes pumped on the proposals and say the current system is working as it should

Opinion: Colorado can lead the way to restore civility and detoxify national politics

Krieger: Will Hick take advice from a (former) Republican?

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper is being urged to try to unseat Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. That could be a tough call.

GOP blasted Democrats for the 2019 legislative session. But they supported nearly every bill, analysis shows.

A dozen Republican lawmakers, led by Sen. Kevin Priola, sided with the Democratic legislative agenda the vast majority of the time

Recall effort against state Rep. Tom Sullivan is stopped as GOP focuses on other lawmakers, national popular vote

The nascent effort to oust Sullivan, whose son was killed in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, energized Democrats