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Utah sues Biden over move to restore Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments

By Sam Metz and Brady McCombs, Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY — The state of Utah and two Republican-leaning rural counties sued the Biden administration on Wednesday over the president’s decision last year to restore two sprawling national monuments on rugged lands sacred to Native Americans that former President Donald Trump had downsized. The lawsuit over Bears […]

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Carman: Here’s to Liz Cheney, and here’s to the progressive who can beat her in 2024 — whoever that may be

More than three weeks before Liz Cheney’s shellacking in the Wyoming primary, it was clear across our neighboring state to the north that her campaign was kaput. As we drove through Saratoga, Rock Springs, Jackson, Alta and beyond in late July, I counted three “Cheney for Wyoming” signs and dozens of “Hageman for Congress” billboards […]

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Littwin: Search warrant says top, top secret documents were hidden at Mar-a-Lago. How do FBI bashers respond?

As it turns out, I was apparently wrong that Donald Trump’s docunapping of White House papers would likely be related to the January 6 assault on the Capitol. For once, I seem to have underestimated the man. What we’ve learned from the FBI search at Mar-o-Lago is clearly worse than that, far worse, a worse-than-Nixon […]

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Nicolais: Could Republicans’ focus on inflation backfire at the polls in November?

Last week I paid over $90 for an oil change. As someone who used to change his own oil, the inflation-fueled sticker shock took a minute to comprehend. Was my mechanic price gouging? Was I the victim of a nefarious plot by Dark Brandon, the alter-ego of President Joe Biden? What led to near triple-digit […]

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“A fighting tone”: Colorado Republicans are heading into the 2022 legislative session on the offensive

Republicans in the Colorado legislature have been mostly playing defense over the past three years. But that posture is changing in 2022, an election year that will determine whether conservatives will remain relegated to the sidelines of Colorado politics.  This year, Republicans are going on the offensive.  Republicans see the 2022 legislative session that began […]

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Littwin: No one is surprised a second Boebert video turns up — still bigoted, but with slightly different details

I was going to write today about the spread of the potentially deadly omicron variant of COVID-19, but I’m afraid there’s another dangerous virus making its rounds — threatening Colorado, threatening America, threatening to normalize bigotry, threatening democracy itself — that also must be addressed.  This virus, sadly, has no vaccine. No cure. I’m pretty […]

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Nicolais: Election lessons learned? Don’t count on it

Even as results poured in across Colorado and the country on Tuesday night, pundits tripped over themselves to interpret what lessons should be drawn from the election. On the Democratic side, progressives called for even more liberal policies. Their moderate colleagues advocated a more restrained approach. Republicans claimed their message broke through and illuminated the […]

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Some Colorado Republicans want to forgo their party’s 2022 primaries. Others think that’s “insane.”

Top Colorado Republicans will vote next month on whether to abandon their party’s statewide primaries in 2022, a move that some in the GOP warn could alienate unaffiliated voters, who make up 43% of the electorate, and solidify Democratic control. Under the proposal, a fraction of registered Republicans would select general election candidates for U.S. […]