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I just spent a year picking up bottles. Here’s what I learned.

Discarded minis usually come in pairs. Oh, and we can all make a difference, even in small ways.

Opinion: Why Colorado needs to take notes on recycling from abroad

Front Range residents tossed out 28% more trash than their rural Colorado neighbors last year

Recycling report from Eco-Cycle shows Colorado recycled less last year and created more trash

Coronavirus has led to a boom in single-use plastics. NREL is launching a new effort to upcycle them.

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette was in Golden for the groundbreaking where he pledged the Trump administration’s support for renewable energy efforts, despite proposed budget cuts

What happens when Colorado stays home? Lots of residential trash, for one thing.

From haulers to recyclers to landfills, the coronavirus changed the way they do business. And some of the changes just might stick.

Will 2020 be the year Colorado bans plastic bags, Styrofoam and other single-use plastics?

Lawmakers struck out with the first bill this session to make way for local plastic bans in Colorado. But two more are up to bat this month to regulate single-use plastics

10 states use bottle deposits to boost recycling rates. Could it work for Colorado?

States with bottle bills have some of the highest recycling rates in the country. But many were implemented before curbside recycling came to fruition.

Colorado’s recycling rate improves to 17.2%, but we’re producing more trash than ever

Recycling advocates push Coloradans to reduce waste and want more than 3 of the state’s 10 largest cities to offer curbside recycling

Colorado is bad at recycling, so lawmakers spent months looking for solutions. Here’s what they proposed.

Two draft proposals that advanced through an interim committee called more study before lawmakers take action

Consumer gadgets are getting harder to fix and that’s creating a disposable culture

CoPIRG and other advocates for ‘Right to Repair’ want to make it easier and affordable for Coloradans to get tech devices repaired

Colorado has two years to hit its 28% recycling goal. A new report shows we’re nowhere close.

Rural Colorado has already met its 2021 goal, but the Front Range is lagging behind.

NREL scientists have a plan to fight ocean plastic: Upcycle it into something valuable

All the plastics in the sea could literally outweigh the fish unless cast-off bottles and containers find a different, more valuable destination

A breakdown of the 8 issues Colorado lawmakers will study before the 2020 legislative session

The Democratic-led General Assembly is analyzing topics ranging from school safety and college affordability to private prisons and tax breaks

Colorado trash companies invest millions to speed up recycling. Now they just need more people to recycle.

U.S. firms are reopening paper mills, expanding plants to turn recycled waste into something useful and need more glass, plastics and paper

Why Styrofoam — amid all of Colorado’s recycling struggles — is being targeted for extinction

The plastic industry warns that there's no guarantee potential foam replacements will be recycled more just because they can be.

How a first-year Colorado lawmaker tried to “go big or go home” with a zero-waste bill

“It’s sort of messy, but that’s part of the beauty in a way,” says state Rep. Lisa Cutter, on the lessons she learned about the legislative process

Thousands of usable iPhones trashed by one Colorado firm because well-meaning donors forgot to turn off “Find my iPhone”

Lafayette recycler can’t do a thing with working, but locked, iPhones and donors aren’t getting the financial impact expected

Forget plastic bans: Mountain towns try volunteerism, bootcamps as solutions to single-use

Telluride and Mountain Village are working together to find products that can solve the town’s reliance on plastic and recycling

Colorado’s ban on banning plastics has cities’ plans to outlaw single-use bags and straws in limbo

A little-known Colorado law written to protect recycling stands is in the way of cities that want to outlaw straws, plastic grocery bags and Styrofoam containers

Coloradans produced a record 9.3 million tons of trash last year. Only 12 percent of it was recycled.

Colorado's recycling rate has flat lined at about a third of the national average

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