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Colorado lawmakers just passed legislation creating a statewide recycling program. Here’s how it would work.

Colorado would have a statewide recycling program funded by fees charged to companies that produce packaging under a bill passed by the legislature Wednesday. Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign House Bill 1355 into law.  The fees would be used to provide recycling services to most communities and residents across Colorado in the hopes […]

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Denver wants to start charging for garbage pickup by volume. Residents have questions.

Some of Stacie Gilmore’s northeast Denver constituents may be fans of city plans to turn recycling and composting into a universal weekly proposition, and charge fees for garbage by volume.  But others have some big questions.  Can the city place a lien on homes that don’t pay the monthly fee for a garbage bin, which […]

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Denver wants a major recycling expansion. But it needs to start charging fees to get it done.

Denver residents would pay a monthly fee for garbage hauling while getting recycling and compost bins picked up weekly as part of the deal, in a proposed major overhaul of waste handling aimed at lifting local and statewide recycling rates closer to the national average.  Residents of single-family homes and apartments up to seven units […]

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Advocates want to charge companies to create a statewide recycling program in Colorado

State Sen. Kevin Priola had his recycling epiphany while staring at an empty pizza box.  The grease stains on the lid spelled it out for the Henderson Republican: Colorado recycles only about 15% of its waste because recycling is too hard. Even a dedicated recycler like Priola was surprised to learn that cardboard with food […]

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Pueblo’s steel mill is an American success story. And it’s owned by Russians.

The story of Pueblo’s steel mill is steeped in the lore of American industry, from its rise backed by ingenuity and perseverance to its near demise at the hands of foreign competition. The mill has risen again in recent years, modernizing operations and winning back business from overseas rivals — with the help of its […]

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Colorado wants to reduce plastic waste. Here are all the ways it’s happening.

Advocates of the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle are piling up small victories in Colorado with a series of consumer fees and opt-in requirements that now reach into your kitchen junk drawer.  The latest win for the movement is Denver’s “Skip the Stuff” ordinance, requiring consumers to ask for — or affirmatively accept when asked […]

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Colorado’s trash bins are so full they’re fa-la-lalling over. Here’s why.

If it seems there is more cardboard and wrapping paper spilling out of your neighbors’ recycling bins in the next week, it’s not just confirmation bias for our assumptions about the excess of the holidays.  It’s science. By about 23%.  Household waste increases by nearly a quarter nationwide between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to studies […]