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Two Denver schools targeted with “messages of hate,” vandalism

A vandal or vandals smashed a window and cut electricity at a Jewish private school and covered the walls of a public high school with racist and antisemitic graffiti


Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Among the 113 largest cities examined by researchers for a decade only two qualified as "integrated." One of them was Colorado Springs. Denver ranked as "highly segregated"


SunLit Special: “The Holly” tells the story of Terrance Roberts, his Denver neighborhood and much more

Author Julian Rubinstein focuses on north Park Hill's gang culture, but also other forces that shaped the neighborhood -- from cops to gentrification to George Floyd


Westminster police told the world Armando Valdez Gonzalez stole a bag of cash and assaulted a woman. Except he didn’t.

Attorney blames “jump to judgment” for $11,000 debt and public shaming of a man a yard sale host accused of stealing her bank bag

Crime and Courts

Racial discrimination still exists in jury selection. Colorado’s Supreme Court rejected a proposal meant to fix that.

The court rejected a proposal, modeled after one adopted in Washington state, aimed at addressing implicit racism in how juries are picked

Crime and Courts

Silverman: Let’s not hide from the racism in our history. We can learn from it.

Three books shed light on the history of racism in Colorado and the United States

Opinion Columns

What’d I Miss?: “One of my closest friends is black…”


Carman: Fourth of July is a chance to finally face some not-so-self-evident truths

It's past time to confront uncomfortable truths about slavery and the lack of Black history in school curriculum

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Carman: Life is a highway, but the legislature keeps finding nothing but dead ends

It's time for Colorado to acknowledge the injustice on which its highway system was built and to compensate Black and brown communities impacted for decades

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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty of murder and manslaughter in death of George Floyd

The jury reached its verdict Tuesday after deliberating about 10 hours over two days

Crime and Courts

Colorado judge resigns after state Supreme Court censure over multiple reports of racial bias

18th Judicial District Judge Natalie T. Chase was censured by the Colorado Supreme Court after a former court employee reported a conversation in which she used the N-word repeatedly


25 Colorado schools still had Native American mascots. This week one finally decided to make a change.

Cheyenne Mountain High School’s decision didn't come without controversy. But Black Lives Matter protests and Senate Bill 116 pushed the effort forward.


What’d I Miss?: A parent’s racial conundrum


The Brown Bombers, a little-known Black baseball team, shook Colorado’s segregated sports world

Only two members remain from the Black baseball team that won back-to-back Colorado Springs city championships — and the grudging respect of opponents. “They were a team of Jackie Robinsons," one historian says.


Silverman: The klan once held power in Colorado. It took good people to overthrow them.

We need more people like O. Otto Moore, former Chief Justice of Colorado's Supreme Court.

Opinion Columns

Black Lives Matter protests in Gunnison County showed people of color they have more allies than they realized

“Deafening silence” spurred young women to organize demonstrations in Gunnison and Crested Butte and people showed up. And then they kept showing up with ideas for moving beyond symbolic gestures.


As virtual GABF arrives, craft beer industry faces difficult moment confronting racism and pandemic

The Brewers Association and Colorado breweries are taking action to address racism and a lack of diversity in their ranks. But critics want more done.


Essay: What happened when Black Lives Matter arrived in Colorado’s deeply conservative Eastern Plains

Dozens gathered to demonstrate in Sterling. They faced hatred on social media. And a conversation -- and movement toward change -- began.

Opinion Columns

Opinion: Racism is a public health crisis, but naming it isn’t enough

Is the Electoral College systemic racism? Some advocates and experts think so.

Proposition 113 on the November ballot in Colorado shines a light on the nation’s electoral system at a moment of racial reckoning

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