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Colorado’s new professional ultimate disc team wants to grow the sport — so it turned to young offenders

The mostly white sport is looking for new recruits, and young offenders are looking for better ways to learn how to communicate with each other


Colorado rejects Xcel Energy’s attempt to extend the life of Pueblo’s coal plant by 12 more years

Comanche 3, which has been shut down by equipment failures since Jan. 28, is schedule to permanently close in 2034 


Pueblo’s steel mill is an American success story. And it’s owned by Russians.

Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has brought new attention to the mill’s 2007 sale to Evraz, one of Russia’s largest steel and mining companies


Can nixing daylight saving time unite Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District?

Democratic candidate Scott Yates thinks so, though he’s bringing water, broadband access and other economic issues to the crowded primary field


Colorado wants more mental health providers for Medicaid patients. But getting approved can take months.

Therapists, psychologists and others complain they have to wait months to get approval to take Medicaid patients – at a time when Colorado is trying to increase the number of providers who serve needy patients.


Is Colorado home to an ancient astronomical observatory? The question is testing archaeological limits.

Sun Temple in Mesa Verde National Park may have allowed Ancestral Puebloans to monitor the heavens. Unraveling its mysteries requires overcoming archaeology’s troubled past.


SunLit Interview: A character from his mother’s childhood piqued Peter Meech’s interest in Billy the Kid

A retired Pueblo dentist claimed to have been an outlaw. Meech ran with the storyline to write his first novel, "Billy (the Kid)."


Looking for a fast EV charge in small town Colorado? Do you want fries with that?

Entrepreneurs like Curtis Claar and his EV Trails are starting to fill in the gaps of “range anxiety” among new electric car owners by installing lightning-fast, for-profit stations in out of the way places.


Colorado has a dismal recycling rate. Could a fee on manufacturers turn things around?

Just 15% of recyclable and compostable material was diverted from landfills in Colorado in 2020.


Closing a coal-fired power plant in Pueblo to meet Colorado climate goals is easier said than done

The fate of Xcel Energy’s Comanche 3 plant is tangled at the crossroads of emissions and economics


Stingy car electrification plan by Black Hills Energy drives Pueblo inequity, advocates say

Southern Colorado utility’s first required Transportation Electrification Plan offers far fewer public benefits than Xcel’s in a place that needs it much more, the groups say.


From sewers to golf courses, cities like Pueblo see green with federal COVID relief dollars

States received $195 billion from the American Rescue Plan Act. They had gotten other stimulus funding in earlier relief packages, including the CARES Act last year.


Colorado “nutrition labels” on construction materials will flag carbon instead of fat, salt and sugar

A new law on “embodied carbon” puts the state in the vanguard of those demanding to know how much CO2 was produced while crafting key building materials like cement and asphalt.


Not enough kids are using Colorado’s school COVID testing program for it to work, governor says

Fewer than 5,000 kids — less than 1% of Colorado’s K-12 student population — are signed up for the state’s weekly testing program launched earlier this month


A long-languishing Pueblo subdivision could become one of Colorado’s largest zero-energy communities

The environmentally friendly homes would make up just a tiny portion of the North Vista Highlands neighborhood. Developers think they will lure buyers looking for solar-ready homes built from nontoxic materials.


Colorado Republicans decide not to opt out of 2022 primaries

The opt-out effort was defeated by a vote of 241-172, though the Colorado GOP may challenge the state's open primary system in court

Politics and Government

Colorado redistricting commissioners mull big changes to latest draft of congressional map

People on the Western Slope aren’t happy about being grouped with Boulder, and Fort Collins residents say they don’t belong with the Eastern Plains

Politics and Government

More than 36,000 Colorado kids from low-income families could miss out on the Child Tax Credit, advocates fear

While families that file taxes with the IRS will get checks or deposits automatically, parents who don’t file will need to sign up

Politics and Government

Opinion: Environmental justice led the way in Colorado’s legislative session

Lawyered up, educated and networked, we’re equipped to make even more progress together

Opinion Columns

Missing Pueblo man with Alzheimer’s found dead near his assisted-living home

Daniel Otero was reported missing July 17 and was found dead south of the facility Wednesday

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