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Opinion: Russia and Saudi Arabia have exploited the global pandemic to attack U.S. energy producers. President Trump must stop it.

A crisis often brings out the best in people. Sadly, however, there are also bad actors who try to take advantage. That is certainly true of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, who have used the COVID-19 pandemic to wage economic war against other energy-producing countries – […]

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Silverman: How could America be so inept in the coronavirus times? It starts at the top

Hindsight is 20/20. For those of us hunkered down, right now is the perfect time to examine what’s gone wrong with our coronavirus response. There’s an election Nov. 3, 2020. At least there better be.   As 2019 ended, we desperately needed some person of prominence, shouting like Paul Revere at the top of their lungs, […]

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Carman: Colorado, the “gold standard” in safe, accessible voting must lead the way for the nation

We interrupt this program of obsessive stress-baking and dog-walking for an important public service announcement. Only five states have all-mail voting systems, and there are only 211 days until the general election on Nov. 3. With indefinite stay-at-home orders across much of the country and experts forecasting a high probability of a second wave of […]

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Opinion: Do what’s best for all Coloradans by protecting our immigrant community

In 2014, I sat across the kitchen table of a community leader in southwest Denver who sighed, “Angela, se requiere mucho coraje para vivir esta vida.” Angela, it requires a lot of righteous indignation to live this life. At the time I was working as a community organizer alongside parishioners from St. Cajetan’s Catholic Parish […]

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The pandemic made me change my big plans, and reconsider where I called home

We drove east on I-90 out of Missoula passing through Hellgate Canyon, meandering alongside the Clark Fork River. I blinked away tears while whispering “I’m not ready to leave Montana.” Plans had changed. Vacation: canceled. Classes: canceled.  The global pandemic turned into a national emergency; the weight of this new reality finally felt personal. After […]