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This poem I wrote after the rising of the pink moon and one of our terrible nights of so many dead

Waking After Eighteen Hundred Dead Prayer began earlybefore the sterling jaysdove, then clatteredat our window,flicked the blue darkstorm of their tails. Our pale trees bow downsecretlyand a nuthatchteeters upside downfrom the post of the birdfeederI buried with stonesanother spring,his thin straight beaktapping at the seedI leave out all night. MORE: See all of our Write On, Colorado […]

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How the coronavirus snuffed the primary for U.S. Senate and cemented Hickenlooper as the front-runner

Not too long ago, this week should have marked a definitive moment in Andrew Romanoff’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. The insurgent progressive expected to stand on a big stage, in front of hundreds of supporters at the Colorado Democratic Party assembly, and claim the top line on the June 30 primary ballot. Instead, the […]

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Silverman: Holy Week has us contemplating a new plague: the coronavirus

A Holy Week like no other. No Masters. No Opening Day. Big and little sporting events postponed or canceled. Religious holidays, however, are the shows that must go on.   Passover and Easter follow dictates of ancient lunar calendars. And what a moon we had last week. A Super Pink Moon portending ominous omens, according to some.   Is […]

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Opinion: We need radical action to respond to the coronavirus and the resulting inequity

COVID-19 officially arrived in Colorado just over a month ago. While many of us are still trying to navigate and make sense of new realities, it’s clear that inequity is making the pandemic spread faster and that the pandemic is increasing inequity. Those with the least access to economic, social and political resources and power […]

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Opinion: Employer-based insurance is a crumbling defense against a global pandemic

The losses inflicted by SARS-Cov-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, have been staggering. In the U.S., over 555,000 have fallen ill, more than 22,000 have perished, and even our most optimistic models suggest we should steel ourselves for a grim course through at least the end of summer. In Colorado, prior to Gov. Jared […]