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Wilson: The Hancock vaccine mandate might be legal, but that doesn’t make it right

As a Denverite, I’ve slapped my head in embarrassment more than once watching Mayor Michael Hancock make moral blunders, legal and personal.  Hancock’s mandate for all city employees to vaccinate may look civically responsible on the surface, but there are some very real legal, social and political vulnerabilities he opens himself and Democrats up to. […]

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Wilson: The tide turns for Tay Anderson, but will the left learn not to be too quick to judgment?

Tay Anderson looked clean, fresh and polished sitting next to Jeff Fard on the Free Think Zone podcast. It was almost as if he hadn’t just been weathering the storm of his young life.  Ever since anonymous allegations of assault, the Denver Public Schools board member has been persona non-grata in the community. These very […]

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Wilson: Here’s Colorado’s most important upcoming battle over redistricting

Years ago, I sat in on a chess game at Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center, and overheard  an elder explaining how politicians can choose their own voters. All they had to do was change the boundaries of a district.   “Gerrymandering,” he called it. “How undemocratic,” I thought.  They can just draw the lines that make up our […]

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Wilson: Black gun owners can feel unwelcome in white shooting ranges, so they created their own in Denver

Behind the walls of an unassuming building in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood, a cultural shift is taking hold in the Black community. Gun owners and novice shooters are stepping inside the 1770 Armory and Gun Club to learn about their weapons, pick up some Black history and practice shooting — without firing a shot. […]

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Wilson: What white America was really saying in the 2020 election

Donald Trump’s presidency declared open season on Black people, and 57% of white voters didn’t care. That’s the fundamental message one could glean from the election demographics if so inclined.   The data is clear: Racists felt emboldened under Trump and acted accordingly. In fact, an unprecedented 54 court cases cite Trump as the inspiration for […]