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Opinion: How do we fix Colorado’s unfair tax system? It depends on who pays.

I know you’re tired of hearing about Colorado’s public funding needs, but as they continue to fester, we don’t have the luxury of ignoring them. No amount of arguing fiscal statistics ad nauseam (which we’ve done for years) changes the bottom line: In real dollars, adjusted for population, our state spends little more than it […]

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Opinion: Time to stop drinking the Colorado economic Kool-Aid

Three years ago, U.S. News and World Report came out with its state rankings, wherein it deemed Colorado the top state economy in the country. I took the outlet’s word. But I also wrote an op-ed musing about the contradiction between our state’s high economic marks and marks in other categories, like opportunity and education, […]

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Opinion: Did Colorado Democrats overreach, or were they right on target?

After a legislative session that delivered full-day kindergarten, lower costs for early childhood education, new steps toward paid leave and retirement security and stronger consumer protections, there’s a campaign trying to tell you these priorities are somehow alien ambitions for our state — that these community achievements are a far cry from what Coloradans want […]