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Opinion: We bailed out the banks, now it’s their turn to bail the people out

It is April 1, and rents and many mortgages are due and people across this country are unemployed, underemployed and losing their businesses due to a government-mandated stay-at-home order.  But this order has been given without any guarantee that we will all have and keep our shelter. The science is clear — these are the […]

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As a recently burnt-out nurse searching for a way forward, I embrace routine in these strange times

Routine. Our house of four maintains a routine, broken predominantly only by the nightly living room updates of a pandemic world. Even then, that itself is a part of the routine. Two of the housemates are medical students. They remain studying for a Step One exam that is constantly at risk of cancellation. The start […]

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Months ago, Colorado trained to prepare for a pandemic. But not one like the coronavirus.

In August, months before the first case of the new coronavirus was documented, some of Colorado’s top health officials gathered in a room at the state Department of Public Health and Environment to train for a pandemic. The hypothetical scenario: A highly infectious and lethal new virus had jumped from animals to humans in China […]

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Opinion: Let’s strengthen families and school communities during this crisis

As a high school counselor, mom, educator and president of the Colorado Education Association, representing 39,000 educators across the state, we know this is an unprecedented time with school closures.  In this time of uncertainty, the members of CEA remain more committed than ever to our core mission: Educators across Colorado are taking the lead, […]

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Nicolais: As the coronavirus spreads, growing divisions in society only makes things worse

In retrospect, it seems a bit inevitable. On the same day we discovered that 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, our country passed Italy and China to become the world’s leader in diagnosed coronavirus infections. Two numbers describing two realities. The gulf between them delineating the widening gap in perspective for many people […]

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Opinion: Long after the coronavirus, domestic violence victims will need help

COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have focused attention on a fact that domestic violence victims and those who work with them have long understood: Dependence on abusers is harmful and sometimes deadly. As researchers who study domestic violence, we think recent reporting on the intersection of social distancing and domestic violence risk is incredibly important, but reflects […]

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Opinion: The crisis facing local news in these coronavirus times is a crisis of democracy

As over 5 million Coloradans weather the COVID-19 crisis at home through mid-April, the state’s dedicated local journalists are among the short list acknowledged as essential workers in Gov. Jared Polis’ stay-in-place executive order. Each day we open our emails, scroll our social feeds, and receive potentially life-saving stories from the front lines of the […]