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Movshovitz: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” still speaks to us, if we’re willing to listen

“Gort, KLAATU BARRATA NICTO” A loose translation of this famous line spoken near the end of the brilliant 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (forget the splashy, nowhere 2008 version with Keanu Reeves) would go something like “Gort, Klaatu says don’t incinerate the Earth — yet.”  To go backwards in the story, Gort […]

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Opinion: Nazi tactics? In these coronavirus times, find inspiration from an era when fear and uncertainty fell from the skies

Coloradans, like others around the country, are growing restless amid the stay-at-home orders across the state. Gov. Jared Polis — the state’s first Jewish governor — delivered an emotional response this week to a prominent Republican who accused officials of using Nazi tactics to shut down the state.  President Donald Trump has compared the struggle […]

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It’s election season. Here’s a guide to some of the best political movies

The more I think about political movies – in this overheated political world – the less I understand just what IS a political movie. Certainly political movies can be more than stories – or documentaries — about elections or mayors, or about presidents.  Just about every film French director Jean-Luc Godard has made – and […]

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The greatest classic Christmas movies ever, according to film critic Howie Movshovitz

Christmas must have held special resonance during World War II. You can hear it in the yearnings of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas,” cherished by soldiers away from home, and in “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine in 1944. World War II was different from our long-running wars in […]

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Movshovitz: Colorado theaters are teeming with documentaries. But what makes a good one?

Now that every Tom, Jane, Dick or Harriet has a digital camera and seems to be making a documentary, it might be a good time to think about what they’re doing and just what is “documentary” anyway. “Documentaries have been with us since the movies began, and they’ve left — and are leaving — a […]

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For the small band of silent film musicians in Colorado, each accompaniment is unique

At their best, music and film work hand in glove. Try to imagine “The Godfather” without Giovanni “Nino” Rota’s score. Or “Vertigo” without Bernard Herrmann’s music, or “Gone With The Wind” without Max Steiner. But when films first emerged more than a hundred years ago, they rolled into town with no sound and few cues […]