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Report: Philip Anschutz sells stake in Lakers NBA team to two owners of the LA Dodgers

The deal, valued at about $1.35 billion, still must be approved by the NBA Board of Governors.


Drew Litton: And Colorado’s wild playoff ride continues


Silverman: In Nikola Jokic, Denver has an MVP. If we can keep him.

The Denver Nuggets center is the real deal. No one wants another Nolan Arenado situation.

Opinion Columns

Littwin: The political games have had their two weeks. Now it’s time to get back to athletes who have made their games real.

The NBA labor walkouts, which morphed into sports-wide strikes, are unprecedented. But these athletes aren’t the first, of course, to make their voices heard.

Opinion Columns

Nicolais: Professional athletes are Bucking the system

With their walkouts, athletes can prompt real reform. It's time for Cory Gardner and the Senate to respond.

Opinion Columns

Drew Litton: Colorado, without sports, will go stir crazy


Should the Colorado legislature shut down because of coronavirus? The conversation is well underway.

The Colorado General Assembly’s leadership is seeking information on what it would mean for them to temporarily halt lawmaking as COVID-19 anxieties spread. One top lawmaker is already urging people to postpone Capitol tours.

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