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National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Conservation Association
National Parks Conservation Association

Drilling leases on 58,000 acres of public land in Colorado were awarded without proper environmental review

A federal judge was asked to void the leases awarded in 2018, but she instead ordered “remedial action” based on current air quality and wilderness studies in northwest Colorado


Order to close three Colorado coal-fired power plants early reversed, regulators cite “incomplete” information

Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission said issues around closing plants a year early were too complex


Three coal-burning power plants in Colorado face orders to close early. Their owners aren’t happy about it.

Tri-State, Xcel and Platte River Power had the closures slated for 2030. But Colorado air quality regulators say it must be done earlier to meet greenhouse gas targets.


Opinion: Progress is slow on reducing Colorado’s air pollution, but there are signs of movement

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Oil and gas companies must monitor fracking emissions as Colorado adopts first-in-the-nation rules to reduce air pollution

Some environmental groups say the new regulations, which also give local governments access to collected data, aren’t fully baked even after long negotiations

Colorado oil and gas emissions rules begin to tighten, but gaps open over what is monitored, by whom and where

Western Slope commissioners say rules designed to pull the Front Range into federal ozone compliance are an “economic risk” for northwest Colorado


Opinion: Amache presents a new national park opportunity to preserve an important part of our history

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Electric-powered bikes are now allowed on BLM and National Park trails — and not everyone is happy about it

The new rule issued by Interior Secretary aims to ease management and clarify conflicting rules by allowing e-bikes access to all bike trails. But trailbuilding and wilderness groups lament the lack of public involvement in the decision.