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8 ways to handle the anxiety that follows public violence all too familiar in Colorado

Are you suddenly rethinking all of your daily routines, and wondering just how many could be disrupted by violence? Unfortunately, that’s normal. Does a mundane trip to the grocery store suddenly open doors to fear and dread? Again, that is our new reality. With Colorado now having seen mass shootings at schools, at entertainment centers, […]

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First schools, then the movies. Now a shooting is making Coloradans wary of King Soopers.

First we ruined the mundane sanctity of schools. Then we spoiled the routine excitement of a superhero movie premier.  Then we periodically, relentlessly, violently destroyed the everyday pleasure of the grocery store, where the lights are always on, the clerks are concierges to middle class life and we can pick up a sugar reward for […]

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On Edge: Heightened anxiety, depression are testing Colorado’s already-frayed safety nets

On Denver’s west side, an elderly man had been managing his solitude just fine until the pandemic hit, taking with it what social life he had and leaving in its place a loneliness he had not felt for years. Not far from his house, a young woman fights panic attacks after COVID-19 killed her grandfather […]

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Beyond Zoom: Virtual therapy’s next generation has Bluetooth pulse monitors and more

When patients sign up for the newest kind of therapy at the Mental Health Center of Denver, here’s what comes in their welcome packet:  A biofeedback device that clips to their ear to measure pulse and blood-oxygen levels. A phone stand to prop up a smartphone during therapy sessions. And directions for downloading an app […]

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Coronavirus is triggering a range of emotions in Colorado kids

Shepard Schneider isn’t really scared of the coronavirus. “I’m worried for, like, my grandpa and my grandmas and stuff, but that’s really it,” said the 10-year-old Denver resident.  But COVID-19 is affecting the fifth grader at Palmer Elementary School in other ways.  “Sometimes I’m inside too much, so I get really anxious and I start getting […]

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Mental health care in Colorado has gone virtual thanks to coronavirus. For some patients, it’s long overdue.

Deby Williamson used to take note of her clients’ body language and the vibe that filled the room when they came to see her for mental health therapy. That’s not happening now, since she meets them via computer.  Williamson, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Colorado Springs, is one of thousands of […]

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By law, mental health benefits are supposed to be as good as medical coverage. In practice, that’s not happening.

Like most dads, John Cooke would have done anything to save his daughter. He was lucky he had the money. To make her well, to make his teenager want to live and stop planning her suicide, Cooke and his wife would end up paying $150,000. With each denial from the family’s insurance company, the Cookes […]

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Colorado set up its mental health crisis system four years ago in response to a mass shooting. It’s about to transform.

WESTMINSTER — Most people who walk in the door of a small, brick building labeled “24/7 Crisis Center” are depressed, suicidal, or experiencing audio or visual hallucinations. Others are young adults going through the first breakup of their lives, feeling so distraught they want to talk to a therapist. Every crisis is “self-defined,” and Colorado’s […]