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Tina Griego

Colorado News Collaborative

On Edge: For Tylan Jones, anxiety is also a battle between optimism and pessimism

A battle wages within him. The idealist fighting disillusionment, the optimist going toe-to-toe with the pessimist. But that flame of hope inside him hasn’t been easy to keep burning in the last year.


On Edge: A veteran Colorado paramedic grapples with coronavirus’ toll on his lungs and sense of self

Jason McGinnis cannot stop asking himself how he contracted COVID-19. He spent eight days in the hospital and is still struggling both physically and mentally to fully recover from the ordeal.


On Edge: In the wake of furloughs, closings, suicides, a Breckenridge businessman searches for balance

You don’t return to normal, or what passes for it, when kids in your town kill themselves, Dick Carleton says.


On Edge: Heightened anxiety, depression are testing Colorado’s already-frayed safety nets

As coronavirus makes another virulent run through Colorado, a silent epidemic of mental health challenges is feeding on the anxiety and isolation of the pandemic.


On Edge: A coronavirus survivor in Denver finds her footing amid her fears

Elizabeth Torres lost her grandfather to COVID-19. Soon after his death, she began to feel that she was losing herself.


On Edge: First, COVID took this Colorado man’s friends, then it took his health

A backyard pool table provided a beachhead of normalcy, until 81-year-old Eddie Kemm came down with coronavirus


Supreme Court ruling on DACA brings more time, but no less uncertainty for Coloradans

In their own voices: Five Colorado young people explain how DACA shaped their lives and what the Supreme Court's decision means to them.


At nearly every turn in Denver, protesters confront a reason to march

The marches open a window to institutional racism and the specific ways it has shaped the city


Amid coronavirus quarantines and job losses, Colorado girds for wave of domestic violence 

"This is just an incredibly dangerous time for those at risk for domestic violence," says an Eagle County human services worker


Parked: Eagle County mobile-home parks become immigrants’ home away from home

In a notoriously pricey area, nearly all of them are filled with workers in the hospitality, service and construction industries