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Nicolais: A frightened sprint through Las Vegas casinos proved my point about the Active Shooter Alert Act

There was something surreal about sprinting through Las Vegas casinos a week ago with my wife and friends as we searched for a safe place to shelter from an alleged active shooter. A couple days before, I submitted my column on the Active Shooter Alert Act but knew it had not been published yet. The […]

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The statewide gun regulations adopted in Colorado in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting

The 2012 Aurora theater shooting, which left 12 people dead and 70 others injured, prompted Colorado Democrats to immediately begin pursuing tighter regulations on firearms.  Since the attack 10 years ago Wednesday, no fewer than 10 statewide changes to gun policy have been adopted, making Colorado one of the nation’s most progressive states when it […]

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Littwin: They said it couldn’t happen in Highland Park. In America, gun violence strikes anywhere and everywhere.

You couldn’t call it exactly fitting that the latest mass shooting in America happened in a quiet Chicago suburb during the annual Fourth of July Parade. There can be nothing fitting about a 21-year-old, apparently obsessed with gun violence and armed with a “high-powered rifle” — generally assumed to be an AR-15-style assault weapon — […]