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mass shootings

mass shootings

Gun-control groups see Colorado’s U.S. Senate race as a big opportunity. But it’s complicated.

Republican incumbent Cory Gardner has been a top recipient of National Rifle Association money in recent years, but Democrat John Hickenlooper’s record on policies tightening firearm regulations includes some asterisks.

16-year-old STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting suspect pleads guilty

Alec McKinney, 16, pleaded guilty to 17 felonies, including first-degree murder, under a plea deal

New federal charges against Planned Parenthood gunman don’t necessarily equate to a faster outcome

If Robert Lewis Dear’s competency is questioned in the federal case, as it was in the state case, a resolution to the deadly 2015 shooting at a clinic in Colorado Springs could still be far off

These employees survived the Planned Parenthood shooting. They say the organization could have done more to help them.

The Colorado Sun spoke with four former Planned Parenthood employees who were in the Colorado Springs clinic the day of the attack and all insist the health care provider didn’t do enough to support them afterward

Shootings and shock value: Hoodies, video use similar tactics — including invoking Columbine massacre

Both used shock value to make a point about gun violence — and both are dealing with different levels of reaction, some positive and, in the case of the fashion show, a lot of it negative

Wilson: Dear CSU, permitting blackface opens a racial Pandora’s box.

STEM School guard who accidentally shot student while trying to stop May attack wasn’t supposed to be armed

The Colorado Sun learned of the school's stipulation to BOSS High Level Security through an open records request. The guard's possession of a gun during the May 7 mass shooting may have violated Douglas County School District policy.

Crisanta Duran: “Never again” must be more than just words

Krieger: Will Hick take advice from a (former) Republican?

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper is being urged to try to unseat Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. That could be a tough call.

Recent mass shootings have renewed debate about universal background checks. Here’s how they’ve worked in Colorado.

President Donald Trump has floated the idea of seeking expanded background checks on the federal level and also for legislation on so-called red flag laws, which Colorado recently enacted

Opinion: We are the children of gun violence, fear, racism and hate. Will you love us more than your guns?

A slain deputy. A political brawl. A school shooting: How Sheriff Tony Spurlock is handling years of turmoil

Spurlock, the target of a recall effort, says the past several years have been the most trying of his 40-year career in law enforcement. “I’d be OK if I forgot it,” he says of some of the trauma.

STEM School, site of fatal shooting, secures five-year charter renewal after contentious battle

The Douglas County Public Schools superintendent will conduct a two-year compliance review to make sure the institution has addressed safety concerns

Opinion: It’s time to tear down Columbine High School

Should schools and buildings be torn down after mass shootings? Columbine looks to others as it struggles with trespassers

There are countless examples of macabre tourist attractions that have drawn the focus of the curious and the obsessed, or they were razed or remodeled quickly

Opinion: My young children are now survivors of school gun violence. No child should have to experience such trauma.

Opinion: Let’s find ways to protect students without placing them at additional risk

Will Colorado follow other states in enacting a gun-storage law after the STEM School shooting? Those conversations are happening

Democratic state legislators in Colorado are looking at ways to prevent guns from getting into the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, especially children

Nicolais: Sadly, the STEM School shooting will become just another statistic

The sheer volume of mass shootings in America has condemned the victims at STEM to become one more statistic in an ocean of school shootings

Opinion: Alarms and metal detectors can fail. Here’s how we can try to keep kids safe at school.

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