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How some low-income Colorado households are getting gigabit-internet service

Federal funding to pay for internet service took off in the pandemic with programs that provided up to $50 a month to Americans who couldn’t otherwise afford a broadband connection. But even before COVID, many local internet providers had taken it upon themselves to lower the cost of broadband. There’s a push to address digital […]

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Armed guards helped evict residents from an East Colfax motel in violation of tenant laws, suit claims

Marlis Sneed lived in a dilapidated apartment for nearly five years at the Summit View Inn, an extended stay motel on East Colfax Avenue in Aurora where tenants paid rent daily or weekly. Wires hung from her ceiling and protruded from outlets in the wall. Sneed’s mattress was ripped and her walls were cracked with […]

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Opinion: Trump is wrong. Fair housing is social justice, economic justice and welcome in the suburbs

President Trump is attempting to undermine the very fabric of our communities, including the diversity of our nation’s suburbs, by using unfounded, hurtful scare tactics.  In comments he made in late July, first on Twitter and then at a Texas rally, he said, “It’s been hell for suburbia” and that “people living their Suburban Lifestyle […]