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Opinion: The Denver police ban on food trucks is a smokescreen for its own irresponsibility

When powerful people make mistakes, they tend to blame less powerful people. The Denver Police Department is powerful. Denver’s food-truck owners, not so much.  This power dynamic — not public safety — is the reason Denver’s city government recently banned food trucks from operating in Lower Downtown on weekends. It is also why the city […]

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Denver DA wants grand jury probe of police shooting that injured bystanders as body camera footage is released

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann is requesting a grand jury investigation after three city police officers shot into a crowded area in lower downtown Denver last month, injuring six bystanders. “The public’s interest in this particular shooting incident is understandably high,” McCann said in a statement Tuesday. “For the community to trust in the outcome […]

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A plaque near Denver’s historic Chinatown marks a race riot. Its critics see it as an opportunity.

After a summer of contentious racial reckoning regarding historic monuments in Denver, one more public display — an easy-to-miss plaque on the wall of a building across from Coors Field in Lower Downtown — has raised objections for the manner in which it describes the city’s first race riot, an anti-Chinese rampage in 1880 by […]

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Downtown Denver is starving for people. When will they come back?

In the mid-to-late 1980s, when downtown Denver largely emptied out after 5 p.m., a diminishing influx of workers headed for the outskirts of the city and its burgeoning suburbs for shopping and nightlife amid sprawling new malls. A recession left skyscrapers with a 30% office vacancy rate. A now-defunct federal agency liquidated one office building […]

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As Colorado’s governor, lawmakers target tax breaks, a program that covers 75% of the state’s land could be in the crosshairs

In the grand scheme of public subsidies for professional sports teams, the $19,306.19 the state gave the Colorado Rockies in 2013 probably isn’t enough to get worked up about. Neither is the $948.57 credit claimed in 2014 by a Walgreens for $31,000 invested in a Pueblo pharmacy. Or the $529 McDonald’s received in 2016 through […]