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Colorado governor signs wave of criminal justice bills into law, including ketamine measure spurred by Elijah McClain’s death

The legislation Gov. Jared Polis signed on Tuesday includes measures aimed at reducing burdensome court fees and the fallout that families in poverty can face when they don’t pay them

Crime and Courts

$95,000 deal reached to settle El Paso County jail coronavirus lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed after more than 1,000 inmates at the jail contracted COVID-19 last fall, the largest outbreak among jails and prisons in Colorado


Opinion: A notable example of how our justice system suffers from underfunding. And it’s victims who suffer the most.

If different victims receive different justice based on their different geographic, socioeconomic, racial or sexual identity status, then that is not justice.

Opinion Columns

Colorado courts could soon be forced to hold bond hearings within 48 hours of someone’s arrest

House Bill 1280 comes with some hefty costs for the state and potentially for local district attorneys, but proponents say it’s necessary to ensure people don’t languish in jail

Politics and Government

A rite of initiation provides a violent — but welcome — admission to an eternal bond

In this excerpt from "You Who Enter Here," author Erika T. Wurth introduces us to the prison gang culture so coveted by the protagonists of her novel

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Court sides with Colorado’s federal supermax prison in censorship case brought by magazine

The three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday rejected an argument by the magazine's publisher, Prison Legal News, that a court order was warranted to prevent future censorship


Boulder man searched for Colorado synagogues and mosques, said he “wanted the white race to win,” search warrant says

Wesley Gilreath is being held for investigation of child pornography. He tried to buy a gun and had notes on his cellphone about explosives.

Crime and Courts

A slain deputy. A political brawl. A school shooting: How Sheriff Tony Spurlock is handling years of turmoil

Spurlock, the target of a recall effort, says the past several years have been the most trying of his 40-year career in law enforcement. “I’d be OK if I forgot it,” he says of some of the trauma.

Crime and Courts

El Paso County sheriff can’t hold people for immigration authorities, judge rules

Courts in several states have ruled that sheriffs cannot hold people on behalf of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement without violating the 4th Amendment

Crime and Courts