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homeless sweeps

homeless sweeps
homeless sweeps

“We used to never have anything like this”: In Douglas County, signs of homelessness are on the rise

This is in a county with the highest median household income in metro Denver and the lowest percentage of people in poverty. It's also a county where housing costs are rising sharply.


A Native-inclusive safe campsite has opened in Denver. But some lament loss of community.

Indigenous people account for an outsized percentage of homeless people in Denver. Sweeping their camps repeats the historical harms of forced displacement, advocates say.


10 moves in 4 months: Following one homeless couple’s endless migration around Denver

Inside the reality of living in Denver's roving tent communities through snow, heat, sweeps — and a pandemic


Opinion: There are better ways for Denver to spend money on homelessness than on sweeps

All people should be able to sleep somewhere safe and not have the constant threat of their social, emotional, monetary, and material safety being swept away.

Opinion Columns

How one block on Pearl Street represents Denver’s stubborn homelessness crisis

The city’s encampments persist, with tensions boiling over in Capitol Hill. Denver has opened two sanctioned camps, but they’re full. Besides, some refuse to live there.