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History Colorado

History Colorado

Reimagining Denver’s Livestock Exchange Building means respecting its distinctive past

The $8.5 million sale to a consortium clears the path to a modern beacon for agricultural ingenuity and preserves the building’s architectural finery

History Colorado unveils the toppled Union soldier statue with an exhibit that seeks to tell its story. Its whole story.

The still-scarred piece may be the first attempt in the U.S. to examine controversial monuments by displaying them in the context of divergent interpretations.

Opinion: When it comes to COVID and the economy, history need not repeat itself

When the Union soldier fell at the Colorado Capitol, it may have started a chain reaction

The damaged statue now appears headed for a stay at History Colorado. Will a memorial to the Sand Creek massacre rise in its place?

In 1963, America didn’t listen to the “language of the unheard.” We can’t afford to fail this time.

“Our” beloved Colorado: Race, privilege, and landscape in the state’s history

Polar Express rings in the holiday season, but wide-ranging themes power Colorado tourist trains year round

From weddings to murder mysteries, day trips to overnight excursions, rail with a special touch helps rev rural Colorado’s engine

Colorado’s plan to embed arts space into historic districts may be slow to take shape. But towns are fine with that.

Creative industries are big business, but little towns are taking their time sketching plans to develop housing alongside studio space

In contentious times, CU prof William Wei brings new perspective to the revamped role of Colorado’s state historian

Though he specializes in Chinese and Asian American history, a background in immigration finds him taking an outspoken turn in the History Colorado position

Colorado’s forgotten beer boom 160 years ago shows parallels to today’s industry

The History Colorado Center’s “Beer Here!” exhibit offers a glimpse at the original beer movement in the state

To right historic wrongs, Colorado museums embraced spirit of a law that repatriated Native American artifacts and remains — largely by listening

Leaders like History Colorado’s recently retired Sheila Goff have fostered trust and helped repair generations of damage and disrespect

How a local collector shared one of the world’s most valuable baseball cards at History Colorado

Local collector Marshall Fogel moved his multi-million-dollar “Holy Grail” of cards -- the '52 Mickey Mantle -- to the museum's "Play Ball!" display for a brief, and closely guarded, visit

“This just does not happen”: A Garden of the Gods garbage heap is revealing big clues about the founder of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ founder, William Jackson Palmer, left clues about his life in a trash dump that archaeologists have been sifting through for weeks