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Douglas County needs to find new water sources as its population grows by 25 people every day

On an average day, 25 people move to Douglas County. Each one needs to drink, shower, water their lawn and wash their dishes. The full impact of that growth is difficult to see, but it’s easy to understand: More people need more water. And in a county where thousands of homes rely on a limited […]

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Charges against 2 Colorado women accused of killing their newborns point to need for more awareness of Safe Haven law

The recent arrest of a young Highlands Ranch woman whose dead newborn baby was found hidden in her home — the second newborn murder case in Colorado in the past four months — underscores the reasons behind Colorado’s rarely used “Safe Haven” law.  The law, passed in 2000 after similar cases involving young mothers, allows […]

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First schools, then the movies. Now a shooting is making Coloradans wary of King Soopers.

First we ruined the mundane sanctity of schools. Then we spoiled the routine excitement of a superhero movie premier.  Then we periodically, relentlessly, violently destroyed the everyday pleasure of the grocery store, where the lights are always on, the clerks are concierges to middle class life and we can pick up a sugar reward for […]

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14 Front Range cities coordinate to warn of water shortages in alarmingly dry year

As drought conditions intensify across Colorado, at least 14 cities in the Denver metro area say they will join forces to warn residents of looming water shortages and the need to cut back use this spring. Denver Water’s Jason Finehout said a metro drought coordination effort would help ensure a consistent message on reducing water […]

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The “Long-Haulers:” These Coloradans got COVID in March — and their symptoms haven’t gone away

For some, coronavirus strikes and its torment does not subside. Some of the first people to contract COVID-19 back in March have now suffered symptoms every single day since then —  eight entire months. The virus has attacked their bodies in various ways, impacting their lungs, their blood and their brains.  It’s not yet known […]

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They’ve been called soccer moms, rage moms and Zoom moms. Why the Colorado suburban-women vote is so important.

Cathy Lees, a stay-at-home mom in Highlands Ranch, is picking candidates this year based on her values, and that includes how they treat people. She’s been put off for four years by President Donald Trump’s language and demeanor. “I have a 14-year-old daughter, and I would never want her to put up with someone speaking […]

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Coronavirus stole their last months of high school in Colorado, and a long list of traditions

On the last day of school at Littleton High, teachers form a walkway in the gym as graduating seniors pass through, stopping to hug and say goodbye and sometimes cry.  Bella Hathorne had been looking forward to this tradition since she entered Littleton High four years ago as an anxious freshman, greeted by the same […]