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Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch
Highlands Ranch

Charges against 2 Colorado women accused of killing their newborns point to need for more awareness of Safe Haven law

Only three babies were given up at fire stations or hospitals last year under the law, which is intended to prevent infant homicide.


First schools, then the movies. Now a shooting is making Coloradans wary of King Soopers.

“We thought it was the safest place," one Boulderite said

Crime and Courts

Coronavirus has taught Colorado school kids one key lesson: resilience

They have faced continued uncertainty, lost out on sporting events and missed time with friends. Through it all, kids have learned how to cope.


14 Front Range cities coordinate to warn of water shortages in alarmingly dry year

Cities are watching snowpack and reservoir storage closely. The district serving Highlands Ranch says its reservoirs are 25% less full than is normal for this time of year.


The “Long-Haulers:” These Coloradans got COVID in March — and their symptoms haven’t gone away

They were the accidental pioneers, navigating a mysterious illness that doctors didn’t yet understand. Eight months later, some are losing their hair and fatigue persists.


They’ve been called soccer moms, rage moms and Zoom moms. Why the Colorado suburban-women vote is so important.

Republican women are talking about the economy and law and order, while Democrats are concerned about respect, and women’s rights

Politics and Government

Coronavirus stole their last months of high school in Colorado, and a long list of traditions

From prom to graduation to just hanging out with friends, Colorado seniors are missing out on some final moments. But they say this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to the class of 2020.


This is not Parkland: Douglas County, divided on guns but eager to prevent another school shooting, tries to find its voice

STEM students are searching for “one voice” on mental health, moms against gun violence are standing up 100-fold and a petition for metal detectors is now 20,000 strong


STEM School Highlands Ranch didn’t have school resource deputy because of disagreement with sheriff’s office

The school and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office clashed at the end of last school year over the duties of its school resource deputy. Ultimately, a contract wasn’t renewed for the 2018-19 term.


Women who vote: They’ve shown their might, now they want results in the 6th Congressional District

In the GOP stronghold of Douglas County, Democrat Jason Crow has this in his corner: Suburban women are fired up over President Trump -- and they’ve assembled

Politics and Government