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Opinion: Use Colorado’s federal stimulus funds to build more affordable homes

Homeownership transforms families and communities. The stability and financial security provided by an affordable, safe home is a proven launching pad for homeowners and their families to realize their full potential, achieve greater levels of success, and build intergenerational wealth. Lack of access to homeownership is a root cause of inequity: the typical white family […]

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Opinion: A concrete way to build affordable, resilient, energy-efficient homes in Colorado’s wildfire zones

As of February, America’s home-insecure population has eclipsed an estimated 2 million individuals. With an economy reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as The Colorado Sun recently reported, a staggering increase in the price of lumber, the need for affordable and safe housing in America is as urgent as it has ever […]

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Colorado’s housing crisis has gotten so bad that small towns are now building people homes

SILVER CLIFF  – The vacant lot along First, Second and Third streets is lined by wooden stakes that delineate the Bobcat Subdivision, a site for affordable housing in this southern Colorado town.  Eventually, this area could be filled with more than a dozen homes with stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. This […]

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Parked: Colorado towns are taking action to preserve their remaining mobile-home parks

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Jeff Morehead’s cat slips through the small, square door carved into his wooden fence, a gateway from Morehead’s mobile home lot to a serene landscape of blooming flowers and shade trees.  On the other side of the wall is the Yampa River Botanic Park, a public garden that hugs the edge of […]