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Can televised Russian face-slapping save Denver’s sports bars?

When cardboard cutouts filled the stands and the real fans were at home on their couches, Tom Ryan and his team were plotting the rebirth of Denver’s sports bar scene. Banking on corked-up demand, they prepared for this summer’s launch of a new 14,000-square-foot pub in downtown Denver, with high-definition video screens, immersive, room-size video […]

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Mayhem continues at Granby Ranch as new owner takes over Grand County ski and golf community

A new owner is taking the reins at Granby Ranch, but the mayhem continues for the beleaguered ski and golf community. Following a complicated foreclosure sale, the new owner of Granby Ranch — Granby Prentice Granby Holdings — sent a letter early Wednesday to the roughly 800 owners of property at the 5,000-acre Grand County […]

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Coronavirus shut down many Colorado golf courses. Some stayed open by tweaking tradition.

On a warm and breezy spring afternoon, Steve Sanford Jr. lines up his putt on the practice green at Englewood’s Meridian Golf Club and strikes the ball perfectly. It curls toward the hole but, instead of disappearing into the cup with a satisfying plop, it caroms off a 2-inch raised cylinder protruding from the hole […]

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Lawsuits, lenders and irked homeowners creating chaos around the sale of Granby Ranch ski resort

As an unnamed buyer circles Grand County’s privately owned Granby Ranch ski area, a roiling circus of family, lenders and homeowners is assailing resort owner Marise Cipriani. It’s not a pretty scene at the picturesque 5,000-acre ski and golf resort along the Fraser River, which Brazilian developer Cipriani has owned since 1995 and put on […]