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Colorado’s trash bins are so full they’re fa-la-lalling over. Here’s why.

If it seems there is more cardboard and wrapping paper spilling out of your neighbors’ recycling bins in the next week, it’s not just confirmation bias for our assumptions about the excess of the holidays.  It’s science. By about 23%.  Household waste increases by nearly a quarter nationwide between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to studies […]

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Opinion: Why Colorado needs to take notes on recycling from abroad

With all of its 14ers, national parks and ecotourism, Colorado culture is often viewed as one of environmental stewardship that protects the natural wonders that characterize our state. However, our statewide recycling rate (the percentage of total waste generated that was recycled) was an unfortunate 17.2% in 2018 and a more depressing 15.9% in 2019. […]

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Colorado’s ban on banning plastics has cities’ plans to outlaw single-use bags and straws in limbo

On its way to considering a ban on those flimsy disposable plastic grocery store bags, the city of Denver found out it can’t. Apparently, there is a Colorado law that bans municipalities from banning plastics, and Denver isn’t the only one to be taken aback. This may seem peculiar in a state where at least […]