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Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College

Colorado universities are increasingly losing money on sports as coaches’ pay, recruitment costs rise

Coaches’ salaries rose at every D1 and D2 university and college in Colorado except one between the 2013 and 2019 fiscal years

A cartoonish Native American towering over Durango has divided the city. Should “the chief” stay or go?

The fate of the sign should be determined by “enlightened dialogue and not through mob rule,” says Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who wrote federal law protecting some monuments.

How students stuck in Colorado dorms re-create college life by themselves

Only a few hundred students still are on campuses in Greeley, Grand Junction, Gunnison and Durango. And the road less traveled leads to a quiet, dreary dorm room, where online classes, reheated meals and longing for connection await.

Colorado campuses sound alarm as leaders push cost-cutting and “efficiency through starvation”

Gov. Jared Polis’ administration wants to find a new way to fund state colleges and universities, but now the effort has stalled

How will Western water be affected by climate change? A tiny Colorado flower may have the answer

Researchers are scouring the landscape near Crested Butte to gather data and inform climate computer models used around the world

Most Colorado student teachers aren’t paid and need second jobs. Will lawmakers step in to ease their financial burden?

Sen. Nancy Todd, a former teacher, will push forward an omnibus bill this session that will grant student teachers more flexibility and possibly compensation.

Colorado wants to steer more students toward college by driving down higher education costs beyond tuition

Close to half of Colorado’s adult population hasn’t pursued education beyond high school at a time when the majority of jobs demand certificates or degrees

Opinion: Despite painful history, Colorado’s tribal nations and Fort Lewis College found path toward reconciliation

Colorado pits big colleges against small campuses in a “zero-sum game.” Gov. Polis wants a truce.

The state ranks 47th in the nation for higher education spending, but a funding overhaul is not an easy request