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Colorado’s pension system missed out on millions after lawmakers parked cash in low-interest account

Colorado’s pension system missed out on millions of dollars in potential investment revenue as a result of lawmakers’ decision last year to park money in a low-interest bank account, according to an analysis by nonpartisan legislative staff.  The legislature set aside $380 million last year in a low-interest bank account to ensure the state could […]

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As society changes, Colorado investors want to make more impact with their money

Back in 2014, the Colorado Health Foundation made an unusual decision. The philanthropic organization, known for helping nonprofits, put its money into a for-profit startup, myStrength, a behavioral health app. It was neither a grant nor a donation. And it wasn’t quite venture capital, where multimillion-dollar investments often aim for tenfold returns. Technically, it was […]

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SunLit interview: A Colorado investment adviser’s clients asked him what book he’d recommend. So he wrote it.

Tired of piecemeal advice books that didn’t provide a holistic view of how finances work, Colorado investment adviser Chad Gordon decided to write one of his own that would not only be a clear explanation of how finances work, but how they fit into a life worth living. Read on for our interview with Chad […]