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SunLit Interview: For Dave Jilk and Brad Feld, philosophy mirrors business

The co-authors of "Entrepreneur's Weekly Nietzsche" didn't write a how-to for entrepreneurs so much as they encouraged deeper thinking


SunLit Interview: In the tale of a union trailblazer, Jane Little Botkin found a story that still resonates

For "The Girl Who Dared to Defy," the author dug deep into the history of the woman who engineered an uprising among Denver housemaids


SunLit Interview: KM Merritt sought humor with heart for her heroes with disabilities

In "Magic and Misrule" the fantasy author continues her mission of exploring characters who, like herself, are "a little different"


SunLit Interview: How a single line in a travel guide led EJ Levy to write “The Cape Doctor”

As the author toured Capetown, she continually heard the doctor's voice -- and it led to her novel exploring constructs of sex and gender


SunLit Interview: Jodi Bowersox’s deep research on schizophrenia shaped one of her characters

The author fleshed out a key player in "Red Rabbit on the Run" -- and then vetted the result with a medical expert


SunLit Interview: To publish “The Reincarnationist Papers,” Eric Maikranz took an unusual route

The former software exec used crowdsourcing to make his story a film starring Mark Wahlberg before returning to traditional publishing


SunLit Interview: Jim Davidson’s harrowing experience led to tools for scaling “The Next Everest”

His experience on the mountain ultimately led the author to understand how surviving trauma can trigger personal growth

SunLit Interview: Kathryn Wilder started with essays. Slowly, they grew into a cohesive narrative.

She struggled to define "Desert Chrome" until she told a friend it was "about a woman lost in grief who finds her way out by following mustangs"

SunLit Interview: Jenny Shank drew on experience to reach across chasms in “Mixed Company”

From growing up amid Denver's court-ordered busing to a variety of jobs, the author's life inspired scenarios for her fictional characters


SunLit Interview: Ever the writer, even Gary Reilly’s fiction often focused on literary craft

"Jeremy Bannister" is just the latest award winner among the works of an author who shied from self-promotion


SunLit Interview: “Alpha” author David Philipps faced barriers of silence and suspicion

The Colorado-born New York Times reporter persisted to produce a book -- and start an important conversation -- on the inner workings of a controversial Navy SEALs unit


SunLit Interview: “Luther, Wyoming” co-authors introduced often-ignored Western characters

Mario Acevedo and Tomas Alamilla slipped Indian scouts and Buffalo soldiers into their narrative. They also paid close attention to dialogue.


SunLit Interview: Mystery master Margaret Mizushima incorporates theme of family

In "Hanging Falls," she addresses newly found relatives -- and polygamy -- in a K-9 assisted murder investigation


SunLit Interview: Jo Fontana’s theme behind “Gods of the Bay” shifted to include the impact of climate change

She found writing about a location's past easy. But capturing its present-day challenges required research -- and a visit


SunLit Interview: A Wyoming upbringing pointed Bronwyn Long Borne to the pioneer spirit

The author of "Custodian of the Spirits" combined her fascination with the West with innate romanticism to build a series of novels


SunLit Interview: Robert G. Williscroft drew on Navy experience for “Operation Ice Breaker”

Dubbed "a living Jack Ryan" by one fellow officer, Williscroft explored the Artic depths in his own career before creating protagonist Mac McDowell


SunLit Interview: After a pandemic interruption, Jodi Bowersox found a setting for her protagonist


SunLit Interview: Co-author Laurel McHargue found life lessons, and a collaborator, through puzzles

COVID-19 inspired her to try new projects -- including raising ducklings -- but puzzling led her to write the "self-help-lite" book "Peace by Piece"


SunLit Interview: How Wendy Terrien created a world of cryptids — and characters that feel like family

The author wrote "The Forge of Bonds," the fourth book in her series, faster than the others. But it turned out to be the longest -- and took a physical toll.


SunLit Interview: Sheri Cobb South went deep on research for her historical mystery series

This John Pickett novel, "Brother Can You Spare a Crime?" also led the author to ask the Bank of England for the best way to rob it. They answered.

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