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Opinion: Environmental justice led the way in Colorado’s legislative session

This past legislative session was momentous for environmental justice and clean energy in Colorado. That success was due to a bold coalition of empowered people partnered with brave legislators who fought to improve life in communities — particularly communities of color — that disproportionately bear the impacts of environmental and health harms.  Throughout the session, […]

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Carman: Life is a highway, but the legislature keeps finding nothing but dead ends

It’s at this point in every legislative session with the deadline for adjournment looming that you realize just how hard it is for human beings to make progress … in anything. Pick a problem — educational opportunity, access to decent housing, affordable health care, criminal justice, systemic racism — the list goes on. If you […]

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Colorado Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s emissions reduction roadmap. Polis says he’s not on board.

In a move to bolster Colorado’s push to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Democratic legislators are seeking to put pollution reductions outlined by the Polis administration into law, set deadlines and provide more money for the effort. Senate Bill 200 is an effort to codify much of the work that has gone to curb pollutants since […]

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Councilwoman Ortega, Sen. Moreno: “Building back better” means an opportunity for environmental justice for all communities

It is no secret that people who live in the Denver metro area are exposed to air pollution daily and frequently at hazardous levels. We breathe in pollution from power plants, industry, oil and gas facilities, from cars, trucks and buses, and wildfires as well as out-of-state. Emissions from these facilities also lead to the […]

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Western wildfires, drought, coronavirus boost public fears about the state of public lands, new polls shows

Public alarm over the growing threats of climate change to Western lands and waters has doubled in the past decade, and Coloradans are even more worried than their neighbors about the ongoing drought’s brutal draining of rivers and lakes, according to new results from a long-term, eight-state poll run by Colorado College.  People of color […]