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Councilwoman Ortega, Sen. Moreno: “Building back better” means an opportunity for environmental justice for all communities

It is no secret that people who live in the Denver metro area are exposed to air pollution daily and frequently at hazardous levels. We breathe in pollution from power plants, industry, oil and gas facilities, from cars, trucks and buses, and wildfires as well as out-of-state. Emissions from these facilities also lead to the […]

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Opinion: Prop. 116 would divert money from schools and health care. Why you should vote no.

A good rule of thumb when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging. Coloradans are working to overcome many difficulties right now. The worst thing that could happen is approving Proposition 116 (formerly known as Initiative 306), which would take even more money out of our schools and our health care system […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s Basic Cash Assistance families need a boost out of poverty

Most Coloradans struggle to keep up with the rising costs of housing, food and utilities. For parents, the squeeze makes it even harder to provide the basics like diapers, bus passes, school supplies and formula.  For families in our communities with the least income, Colorado provides Basic Cash Assistance to bridge gaps between jobs or […]