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A mission-minded loan source that doesn’t care if you’re a startup with no experience, revenues or credit

When Valerie and Cesar Beltran decided to open Beltran’s Meat Market & Grill in Northglenn four years ago, they thought their past experience of running their own meat market in New Mexico and then a Front Range tortilla factory was enough to make them creditworthy. But as opening day approached, the couple realized they needed […]

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As society changes, Colorado investors want to make more impact with their money

Back in 2014, the Colorado Health Foundation made an unusual decision. The philanthropic organization, known for helping nonprofits, put its money into a for-profit startup, myStrength, a behavioral health app. It was neither a grant nor a donation. And it wasn’t quite venture capital, where multimillion-dollar investments often aim for tenfold returns. Technically, it was […]

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Colorado entrepreneurs already faced a steep startup curve. Coronavirus increased the grade.

Beanstalk, a children’s video site in Denver, was preparing to launch at the end of March. That would be exciting enough for any entrepreneur. But founder Amy Klein Molk found herself in an even more exhilarating situation. She was participating in the fast-paced business accelerator Techstars to turn her idea into a high-growth, venture-backed business. […]

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Breads, whoopie pies, donuts and pickles: How Colorado’s Cottage Foods Act has produced a batch of entrepreneurs

Amy Wulbecker doesn’t put eggs or milk in her whoopie pies per Colorado law, but she can do her baking when it suits her — and for the mother of four small children, that means late into the night while her Severance household sleeps.  David Kaminer’s old job kept him cooped up in a kitchen […]