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Nicolais: Colorado’s unaffiliated voters flex their primary muscle to reject extremists

Colorado primaries have come and gone, and the November general election has officially begun. The state GOP avoided its nightmare scenario and Democrats have already pivoted from attempts to manipulate Republican voters into attacks on the victorious candidates. Even as the two major parties begin battering each other, the role of unaffiliated voters still deserves […]

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Elisabeth Epps beats Katie March in hotly contested Democratic primary for Colorado House seat

Criminal justice activist Elisabeth Epps beat Katie March in the fiercely contested Democratic primary in Colorado House District 6 that was seen as a tug of war over the direction of Democrats in the legislature.  March, a former legislative aide, said she conceded to Epps on Thursday. Epps, a former public defender who leads an […]

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A major Colorado legislative primary remains undecided, but incumbents fended off challengers from Colorado Springs to Loveland

One of the most closely watched Colorado statehouse primaries this year remained too close to call Wednesday with the two Democratic candidates vying to represent central Denver’s House District 6 separated by fewer than 500 votes. Elisabeth Epps, a criminal justice activist, was leading Katie March, a former legislative aide, on Wednesday evening in a […]

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The ACLU has become a powerful player at the Colorado Capitol. But at what cost?

The ACLU of Colorado team credited with helping pass a slate of sweeping criminal justice reform measures abruptly resigned this month amid questions about whether the organization — powered by a jump in donations and a favorable political climate — was too aggressive in wielding its new status as one of the most influential groups […]

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Colorado jails can’t hold people accused of low-level crimes in lieu of bail anymore. And that means current inmates could be released.

Gov. Jared Polis’ signed a bill Thursday preventing people accused of many low-level offenses — such as petty, traffic or most municipal charges — from being jailed because they can’t pay their cash bail. That also means people currently locked up in Colorado on those types of charges, who are unable to pay their bail, […]