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Carman: Ranked-choice voting could make our political process a little less awful

Let’s begin by stipulating that there’s probably no way to escape the steaming pile of awfulness we’re in politically with a mere change in election ballots. Hateful rhetoric, lies, rampant voter suppression measures and the racist monstrosity known as the Electoral College are not going to be neutralized by anything as simple as a new […]

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Opinion: Bravo to Ken Buck for standing up for the Electoral College. Now, here’s what’s wrong with it.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, outgoing chairman of the Colorado Republican Party and congressman from Colorado’s 4th District, penned a guest opinion published in the Washington Post on Jan. 5 — the day before the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to certify the results of the Electoral College vote for president. In […]

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Lauren Boebert vowed to shake things up in Congress. She has delivered in her first week.

As she barnstormed across the 3rd Congressional District last year with a pistol on her hip and a steady stream of Democrat-aimed insults rolling off her tongue, Lauren Boebert promised to make a big, loud splash in the nation’s capital if voters sent her to Congress. Colorado’s newest U.S. representative has delivered on that – […]

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Nicolais: Lauren Boebert’s bloodlust rhetoric helped incite the deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol

Insurrection is not birthed from a single speech.  Though President Donald Trump stoked enflamed passions and exhorted a crowd he convened to “walk down to the Capitol,” which they subsequently ransacked as the world watched, it is folly to lay this tragic outcome entirely at his feet. Trump had plenty of help along the way. […]

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Opinion: In Mike Pence, evangelicals had their “24-karat-gold” man in the White House

Mike Pence has remained one of the only constants in the often chaotic Trump administration. Variously described as “vanilla,” “steady” and loyal to the point of being “sycophantic,” he is, in the words of one profile, an “everyman’s man with Midwest humility and approachability,” and in another, a “61-year-old, soft-spoken, deeply religious man.” That humility […]

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Sen. John Hickenlooper: “Trump and the thugs who attempted a violent coup can’t override the will of the people”

On Sunday, I was sworn in to represent Colorado in the United States Senate. Three days later, I was hunkering in a secure location in the U.S. Capitol’s basement, texting my wife, Robin, that I was OK and to make sure she was safe. It’s now been about 24 hours since the Capitol was ransacked […]

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Joe Biden’s win confirmed after pro-Trump mob storms U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON — Congress confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as the presidential election winner early Thursday after a violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in a stunning attempt to overturn America’s presidential election, undercut the nation’s democracy and keep Trump in the White House. Lawmakers were resolved to complete the Electoral College […]

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Mesa County clerk posts voter-fraud claims but cites no evidence

GRAND JUNCTION — A Colorado county clerk posted claims of voter fraud without providing evidence and despite assurances from election officials nationwide that the November election was safe and secure. Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters tweeted on Sunday that ballots could be counted more than once and that software used in voting machines […]

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Littwin: Next up in our theater of the absurd, the Sedition Caucus takes its turn in pushing Trump’s rigged-election fiction

Just as the GOP dead-enders in Congress were about to take the world stage to pretend that the 2020 presidential election was fixed and that Donald Trump had actually won, the real world intruded. Georgia held its twin Senate runoff elections Tuesday, and it looks like Trump and the Republicans lost again. More alleged cheating? […]

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Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert to challenge Electoral College vote

Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert intends to kick off her tenure by stepping into political controversy when she arrives in Washington. The Republican who will represent the Western Slope and Pueblo when she takes office Jan. 3 announced Thursday that she will challenge the results of the presidential election won by former Vice President Joe Biden.  Boebert, […]