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Editor’s Picks

Editor’s Picks
Editor’s Picks

CSU professor Jared Orsi aims to amplify undertold stories as Colorado’s new state historian

His wide-ranging expertise has long focused on public lands and how Coloradans have shaped them — and been shaped by them


Colorado’s mountain airports are thriving despite national rural air service struggle

Colorado’s airports in Aspen, Durango, Eagle County, Gunnison, Hayden and Montrose set records in 2021 and are staying busy in 2022.


Officially, heat deaths are not very common in Colorado. The reality is more complicated.

Colorado sees only a handful of heat-related deaths per year, but the statistics don’t capture heat’s more pernicious effects


Quiz: It’s Colorado’s birthday. How well do you know your state?

Celebrate Colorado Day by testing your knowledge of the Centennial state


Microplastics are seemingly everywhere — including Colorado’s snowpack

Samples from Colorado’s mountains find growing rate of shredded plastic fibers


Rising inflation is on a collision course with Colorado’s TABOR cap. And the state budget is in the middle.

The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights cap on government growth and spending is determined by population growth and inflation. But there’s a lag that means Colorado’s fast-rising inflation rate isn’t reflected in the calculations.

Politics and Government

In Florence, pop. 4,000, political upheaval is testing the city’s push to shake off its “ghost town” past

Voters will choose an entirely new city council next week, but Florence hasn’t let the absence of elected leaders slow its roll toward economic revival


Heidi Ganahl wants to eliminate Colorado’s income tax, which accounts for about a third of the state’s budget

Income tax revenue is the largest source of funding for Colorado’s general fund. It’s expected to account for more than $11 billion this fiscal year.

Election 2022

The San Luis Valley has at least 150 abandoned homes. A nonprofit is fixing them for people who need housing.

A valleywide coalition is purchasing and renovating abandoned homes and schools to reduce the region’s affordable housing crisis


Why the Forest Service did not take all the water rights when it acquired Sweetwater Lake, Colorado’s newest state park

Garfield County commissioners remain sour about the Sweetwater Lake deal and question why all the water rights didn't transfer to U.S. Forest Service


Two privately owned Colorado 14ers are open to hikers thanks to a unique partnership. Will it last?

Increasing traffic on Decalibron Trail circling Colorado 14ers Mount Democrat and Mount Lincoln is stressing a tenuous deal with landowners concerned about liability


10 years after the Aurora theater shooting, how does Colorado remember?

A decade later, families changed by the mass shooting strive to make a difference despite the growing gun deaths and “everything that continues to happen.”


Bird nerd alert: Rare yellow feathered cutie spotted in San Luis Valley bush for first time in over 100 years

An extremely rare sighting of a yellow rail in Colorado sets bird-nerd world a twitter.


Sweet! The Olathe corn harvest finally begins and tender ears will be in Colorado stores this week

As 28.8 million ears of Olathe Sweet head to stores across the U.S., grower John Harold is hearing from sweet corn buyers elsewhere in the West where drought has reduced the local crop


The gun dealer next door: In-home gun sales become target of one Colorado city’s residents and officials

Greenwood Village banned commercial firearm sales from homes following outrage over one man’s business. But the new ordinance doesn’t affect his business.


“Our history is gone”: Four families, 6 months after the Marshall fire

The Sun checked back in with families who survived the most destructive fire in Colorado history

Marshall Fire

Some Colorado sheriff candidates have an unlikely campaign promise: not enforcing the law

Reflecting a loose national movement, some Colorado sheriff candidates rail against government overreach, red flag laws

Election 2022

A tale of two Colorado counties: One the fastest growing, one the fastest shrinking

Broomfield and Kit Carson represent Colorado’s urban-rural divide. One is trying to pack in new residents in a thoughtful way, while the other is hoping no one else moves out.


Plan to shutter buildings surrounding Colorado’s Sweetwater Lake has locals wondering if it was better off in private hands

Sweetwater Lake is becoming a state park under a deal reached with the U.S. Forest Service. But the Sweetwater Lake Resort may become collateral in the process.


Over 20 years, the Hayman fire’s footprint opened a window into Colorado wildfire future

The burn scar spread over four counties and may never be what it once was. But it remains the poster child for the new norm.

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