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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Colorado’s largest jails cut their populations because of coronavirus. Now the numbers are creeping back up.

Law enforcement stopped jailing people for petty offenses and in some counties, the census dropped by 45%. But data show that those changes were more of a precaution to mitigate infection than lasting change.

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STEM School Highlands Ranch security guard reaches agreement with DA for firing gun, wounding students

Shamson Sundara was not supposed to have a gun on campus. He fired two rounds during the May 7 attack on the school.

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Colorado’s guidance to police on the red flag law doesn’t include what to do if someone won’t give up their guns

The lack of a roadmap on the crucial — and potentially deadly — question of what to do when someone refuses to hand over their guns underscores broader law enforcement unknowns around the complicated new law

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STEM School guard who accidentally shot student while trying to stop May attack wasn’t supposed to be armed

The Colorado Sun learned of the school's stipulation to BOSS High Level Security through an open records request. The guard's possession of a gun during the May 7 mass shooting may have violated Douglas County School District policy.

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A slain deputy. A political brawl. A school shooting: How Sheriff Tony Spurlock is handling years of turmoil

Spurlock, the target of a recall effort, says the past several years have been the most trying of his 40-year career in law enforcement. “I’d be OK if I forgot it,” he says of some of the trauma.

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“There wasn’t a whole lot that was going through my mind”: Teen called mom while subduing Highlands Ranch school shooter

Joshua Jones, an 18-year-old senior at STEM School Highlands Ranch, said during a news conference Tuesday he was watching "The Princess Bride" in his British literature class when a classmate pulled a gun and told everyone to stay still

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This is not Parkland: Douglas County, divided on guns but eager to prevent another school shooting, tries to find its voice

STEM students are searching for “one voice” on mental health, moms against gun violence are standing up 100-fold and a petition for metal detectors is now 20,000 strong


STEM School Highlands Ranch didn’t have school resource deputy because of disagreement with sheriff’s office

The school and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office clashed at the end of last school year over the duties of its school resource deputy. Ultimately, a contract wasn’t renewed for the 2018-19 term.


Kendrick Castillo didn’t hesitate when a gunman burst into his high school classroom. “He went down as a hero.”

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One student killed, eight more wounded in shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch allegedly committed by two peers

At least one person was killed and eight students were wounded in a shooting Tuesday afternoon at STEM School Highlands Ranch allegedly committed by two of their peers, authorities say.

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The red flag gun bill is now law in Colorado. But that doesn’t mean all the questions around it are answered.

Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1177 into law on Friday, saying: "Many other states have passed similar laws. They've often seen it used in a targeted way."

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