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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Norwegian Air to end long-haul flights, slashing Denver’s connection to Paris, Rome

The airline said it will “focus on its core Nordics business, operating a European short haul network with narrow body aircraft"

United Airlines will begin flying the 737 Max out of Denver in February

Southwest Airlines, which also has a hub in Denver and has 737 Max airplanes, says it’s not sure when it will resume operating the plane out of the Mile High City

Colorado’s final coronavirus vaccine preparations include practicing for high-stakes delivery road trips

There’s security to consider, as well as Interstate 70 traffic and snowstorms. “It’s getting (different) groups to come together to put the syringes in the arms at the end of the day,” one official said.

Testing alone won’t be enough to stem Colorado’s surge of coronavirus cases

Health officials warn that the tried and true advice of tests -- plus “austere behavior” -- offers the best chance to control the virus

Colorado attorney general asks for federal investigation into Frontier Airlines’ coronavirus flight-change policies

The request comes as the U.S. airline industry is reeling from the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis. Hundreds of jobs are at risk in Denver.

Are the days of the Boeing 747 — the jumbo jet — over in Denver?

British Airways’ announcement that it is retiring the four-engined, humpbacked airplane means Lufthansa is the only airline flying to the Mile High City that uses the 747. But even they are unsure about the big plane’s future.

United Airlines, a major Denver employer, is sending layoff notices to nearly half of its U.S. employees

United is the largest carrier at Denver International Airport and it employs more than 7,000 people in the city. As many as 2,800 Denver jobs could be affected.

Frontier Airlines wanted to charge passengers to keep the middle seat open. Then came the coronavirus backlash.

“We recognize the concerns raised that we are profiting from safety and this was never our intent,” Frontier CEO Barry Biffle said late Wednesday.

United tried to cut flights to Gunnison using some questionable geographic reasoning. The feds said no.

United Airlines, staggering after coronavirus shutdowns required 80% reduction in flights, asked to end flights to Gunnison, but federal regulators said no. Flights will continue, even though they're only 10% full.

Coronavirus has left Denver International Airport little more than an airplane parking lot

The number of people making their way through the airport’s security checkpoints last week dropped by more than 94% compared to the same stretch last year

FAA to implement new Denver-area flight paths despite protests

The Denver Metroplex plan began in 2014 and includes six airports from Fort Collins to Centennial, including the Denver International Airport

Colorado lawmakers wanted to tackle the state’s PFAS problem. They are taking more of a baby step.

A bill to regulate harmful “forever chemicals” that contaminate groundwater was chopped in half during its first public hearing

Opinion: Why United Airlines is adding 24 gates at Denver International Airport

A United vice president cites a 22% jump in the number of flights out of DIA in the past four years

The 25 most read Colorado Sun stories of 2019

These are our stories that received the most readership over the past year, from our investigation into to coverage of Denver International Airport and environmental issues

Norwegian will launch a Denver-Rome flight in 2020. But will passengers actually get to fly on one of their Dreamliners?

Norwegian has been using Wamos, a Spanish charter airline, to cover dozens of its flights out of Denver because of problems with the budget carrier’s state-of-the-art Boeing 787 aircraft

Denver mayor’s staff being investigated over media leak about terminated Denver airport renovation contract

“It would be irresponsible to not follow up on those kinds of matters,” said City Attorney Kristin Bronson. “We’re simply doing our job.”

What Denver International Airport looked and felt like Friday on its busiest day ever

The Colorado Sun spent 9 hours at DIA talking to airport employees and passengers -- and going behind the scenes -- to figure out what the droves meant

As Denver airport’s passenger numbers have seen a meteoric rise, so have its cargo operations. And that says a lot.

The jump in cargo loads at Denver International Airport is a solid indicator of Colorado’s economic growth. And it also presents an area for the hub to expand its operations.

The new breweries at DIA combine to make the most unlikely beer crawl in Colorado

The Denver airport now boasts six breweries. Can you visit them all in one day and still make a flight? We tried to find out.

Awkward pose no more: Denver airport first to get new TSA full-body scanner that lets passengers keep hands at their side

The goal is to have the new technology -- both the updated scanners and bin process -- be in place when the airport’s $1.8 billion Great Hall renovation is complete

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