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coronavirus anniversary

coronavirus anniversary
coronavirus anniversary

13 charts that show how Colorado has fared during coronavirus

Colorado has generally done better than other states during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are exceptions


For Indigenous rights activists in Colorado, coronavirus brought momentum and pushback

Like its viral predecessors, the novel coronavirus has torn through Indigenous communities with particular vehemence. For many of them, this year has brought new urgency to old protests.


The behind-the-scenes story of being Gov. Jared Polis during Colorado’s coronavirus crisis

“Who would think losing 6,000 people could ever be a win instead of 8,000? It’s just horrific every day,” the Democrat said.


When coronavirus attacked Colorado’s health, it changed the state’s health system forever

From telehealth and city dweller respite care in Hugo, to an explosion in Medicaid clients and a speedy overhaul of medicine itself, the pandemic is a game-changer


Colorado nursing homes with the most coronavirus deaths were cited for poor infection control

A Colorado Sun investigation found that many of the nursing homes with the highest death counts were told multiple times to clean up hygiene protocols intended to protect residents.


In Colorado’s uneven coronavirus economic recovery, some thrive while others can’t make ends meet

Economic indicators look pretty good a year into the COVID economy, but does that make sense, especially if you can’t pay rent?


Coronavirus crushed Colorado’s economy. But working women paid the highest price.

About 20,000 fewer women were working in Colorado by the end of 2020 than when the pandemic began. Moms were most likely to leave or lose their jobs.


Colorado’s “last responders” are exhausted after a year of coronavirus goodbyes

The unprecedented loss is taking a toll even on the medical providers best trained to handle it


For Coloradans who handle the dead, no rest and far less solace under cruel coronavirus rules

Even the peaceful keepers of Mount Olivet Cemetery felt overrun and overwhelmed by the way coronavirus forced them to carry out their sacred mission.


The coronavirus’ toll in Colorado: A year of bottomless grief and relentless division

The COVID-19 pandemic is among the largest mass-casualty events in state history, but the devastation was personal for some and just out of view for others.