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The best coronavirus warning system? Poop and pooled spit, Colorado State University says

Emerging research suggests infected people start shedding the coronavirus in their poop early in their infection, and possibly days before they begin shedding it from their mouths and noses

Why so many Coloradans leave college financial aid on the table — and how to fix that

The state’s low completion rates of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid among high students places Colorado near the bottom in the nation

Coronavirus creates questions about future of part-time instructors at Colorado’s colleges

As the pandemic forces colleges and universities to slash their budgets, part-time instructors are worried about partly or even entirely losing their teaching hours

To combat coronavirus, Durango’s Fort Lewis College embraces Navajo principle of kinship

Broadly, in Indigenous cultures, K’é encompasses mutual respect among all living things. It is demonstrated by making decisions to benefit the greater community.

College students of Colorado: Here’s how to vote, whether you’re currently in the state or not

Many students who attend Colorado colleges and universities are living in other states and taking online classes because of coronavirus. They can still vote in Colorado.

Why Colorado students are still taking the SAT, even though it’s now voluntary

In Colorado, at least for the foreseeable future, the privately administered SAT isn’t going anywhere.

Boulder County health officials warn that unchecked coronavirus rates could lead to stay-at-home return

The county, dealing with an outbreak at CU Boulder, has already passed one of the thresholds that could warrant a shutdown similar to what was mandated in March

Governor says sending University of Colorado students home isn’t a safe option

CU Boulder told students in a dorm in the Williams Village area of campus that they have to relocate to make more room for their peers who need to be quarantined

University of Colorado Boulder faces enrollment decline

Chancellor Phil DiStefano told the university system's Board of Regents on Thursday that overall enrollment is expected to decline by 2%,

Colorado partners with Apple, Google to allow for coronavirus exposure notification on cellphones

The system will work in the background of people's everyday lives if they choose to opt-in to the service or download the app

All three Colorado College dorms quarantined after 10 students test positive for coronavirus in past week

"We acknowledge that this is not how students likely expected to begin their college career," CC said in a note to the campus community

As Colorado College students arrived on campus, one tested positive for coronavirus. Now, an entire dorm is quarantined.

The situation underscores the difficulty of higher education during the pandemic as students at University of Colorado Boulder, the largest university or college in the state, begin moving into their housing

Colorado hopes a new higher education funding formula will make a difference for students. It may not be easy.

The state’s newest model will provide money to schools based on metrics that include how many students of color it enrolls, and how many are low-income, the first to go to college in their family and are from Colorado

What one Colorado college learned trying to run safe in-person classes this summer

Colleges and universities in Colorado and across the country are hoping that the protocols developed and practiced over the summer can help them bring students back to campus without major outbreaks

Nicolais: Struggling higher education institutions could learn a thing or two from my brother

After spending nearly fifteen years developing online education courses for Harvard, my younger brother sees more opportunity than despair in the current environment

Trump administration rescinds rule requiring foreign students to attend in-person classes or leave U.S.

Colorado and 16 other states on Monday sued to block the rule from going into effect

Colorado joins 16 other states in suing Trump administration over international student visa rule

The lawsuit said the policy change "leaves colleges and universities with an agonizing dilemma"

Colorado colleges, universities scramble after Trump orders international students to leave if classes go online

There are thousands of international students who attend higher education institutions in the state. Many are still figuring out what the changes issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement mean.

Colorado’s CARES Act money doesn’t do enough for colleges and students, higher education leaders say

In total, the Colorado colleges and universities received $173.3 million from the CARES Act

So many plans dissolved by coronavirus. But we gained a gift — adaptability.

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

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