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Zornio: Manchin is the Grinch who stole Christmas, and it’s impacting Coloradans

Stealing presents from kids hardly seems like the role of a U.S. senator, yet that’s effectively what Sen. Joe Manchin and Republicans appear poised to do. Failing to enact President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better initiative would be a disaster for Coloradans. The bill contains crucial funding to help Americans get back on track, and […]

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Littwin: If you’ve always assumed Manchin would come around on Biden’s safety-net bill, it may be time to think again

I have long assumed that whatever demands Joe Manchin continues to make to win his approval for Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion safety-net/climate-change bill, Manchin would eventually — if at some great cost to the safety-net/climate-change package itself — get to yes. I assumed it because that’s how politics works. I assumed it because the $1.9 […]

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Littwin: Now that Biden’s big climate and safety-net bill has passed the House, shouldn’t we discuss what’s in it?

Kevin McCarthy’s record-breaking, marathon speech — a paean to the art of saying very little, but at great length, apparently designed to impress Donald Trump, who almost certainly wasn’t listening — is finally over. And House Democrats have stopped squabbling long enough — you knew Nancy Pelosi would pull it off — to present a […]

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More than 36,000 Colorado kids from low-income families could miss out on the Child Tax Credit, advocates fear

More than 36,000 Colorado children could lose out on a historic expansion of the federal Child Tax Credit because their families don’t file income taxes with the IRS.  The tax credit, which is temporarily expanded this year through funding from the federal coronavirus stimulus package, known as the American Rescue Plan, is being hailed as […]

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Littwin: Who cares if the ultra-rich have their space toys? We need to worry about what toys — and what else — poor kids lack.

“Let me tell you about the very rich.They are different from you and me.“— F. Scott Fitzgerald“Yes, they have more money.”— Ernest Hemingway You can safely ignore any claims made for science in the aftermath of Jeff Bezos’ minutes-long trip to near space. The billionaires-in-space program is nothing more than a series of vanity projects […]

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Michael Bennet believes the child tax credit expansion will be made permanent. But he’s not sure how long it will take.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet said Monday that he’s confident the one-year expansion of the federal Child Tax Credit will be made permanent. But the Colorado Democrat conceded that he’s not sure when that will happen.  “The question is going to be how long will that take and how much fighting will there be,” he said […]

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Opinion: Thanks to Colorado’s legislature, Gov. Polis for tackling tax policies that used to only benefit the wealthy and large businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of Colorado’s economy, employing over 1 million people and making up 99% of all businesses. This community of entrepreneurs leads in innovation and job creation, and throughout the pandemic, they’ve had to quickly adapt to keep their businesses afloat.  Despite their tremendous contributions to Colorado’s economy, they’re often left behind […]