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Centura Health

Centura Health

Up to 55 injured skiers and snowboarders arrive at Colorado emergency rooms each day, analysis shows

More than 4,100 skiers and snowboarders were transported to emergency rooms in ambulances or helicopters across 2018, 2019 and the first part of 2020, which is about 10 patients every day of the season.

Opinion: Child care in Colorado was ready for reinvention, COVID-19 now demands it

An increasing number of Colorado coronavirus patients are surviving, and fewer need ventilators

The state's coronavirus mortality rate for hospitalized patients dropped to 10.5% compared to 15.1% in March, according to data shared by major hospital systems in Colorado

Colorado health care workers felt called to help coronavirus patients in cities where thousands were dying

They left behind families, dogs and the mountains to help hospitals in New York and New Jersey. What they’ve learned could help Colorado.

Colorado doctors now have plenty of experience battling coronavirus — and they’re getting better at it

Doug Summerfield, a 75-year-old Arvada man, may have benefited from new treatment techniques that doctors are using to help COVID-19 patients, as well as a greater well of experience

5 weeks into Colorado’s coronavirus crisis, state health officials begin to request patient demographic details

Missing such data means lost opportunity to direct resources, alter treatment guidelines where inequities appear, and design control and prevention strategies, advocates say.

Why are Colorado hospitals sending people with coronavirus home? There’s not much they can do.

Colorado hospitals say they need to prevent being overrun with patients but also that, unless someone with COVID-19 is in serious distress, medical options for helping them are limited. The majority of those infected will recover on their own.

How pregnant women in Colorado are adapting to the coronavirus crisis to keep themselves safe

The CDC doesn't know whether pregnancy increases chances of infection, but the fast spread of COVID-19 has some women very worried. Some are even considering delivering their babies at birthing centers to avoid infection-filled hospitals.

Colorado hospitals are preparing their doctors and nurses for an all-hands-on-deck coronavirus fight

Hospitals across the U.S. are readying doctors who don’t normally care for the seriously or critically ill to respond to COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, in a massive, hasty realignment of the American health care system

Colorado hospitals are postponing elective surgeries, reusing masks in preparation for a coronavirus surge

Hospitals and urgent care centers are already seeing numbers rise as more people who aren’t infected but are worried about COVID-19 come to get examined

Polis wants communities to negotiate directly with hospitals. But, in Durango, a major hospital system just said no.

Centura Health, which operates Durango’s Mercy Regional Medical Center, says it will not work with the new Southwest Health Alliance

Terminally ill, a Colorado man wanted aid-in-dying. His Catholic hospital said no.

Even as an increasing number of U.S. states have legalized aid-in-dying laws, exercising that option is challenging for patients in a country where most large hospital systems have deep religious ties and the religious right is powerful

Opinion: The public option plan isn’t sustainable for Colorado and jeopardizes access

Centura Health's CEO says employers could be encouraged to drop health coverage under the public option plan

Colorado hospitals accuse Polis administration of hurting Medicaid patients, as health fight grows nastier

In a letter to the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, hospital executives say onerous rules, outdated processes are putting patients at risk

Colorado doctor challenges her firing from Centura Health over assisted suicide

Barbara Morris alleges Centura Health retaliated against her in violation of Colorado's assisted suicide law

Why Colorado hospitals are getting into the housing business

Denver Health, Mercy in Durango, find providing housing is safer, more cost effective for patients "stranded" in the system

Centura Health says clarity is needed on Colorado’s assisted suicide law after lawsuit

In a federal court filing, Centura Health argues that the U.S. Constitution's religious freedom protections trumps Colorado law's protections for doctors who both chose to or decide against prescribing lethal drugs to hasten the death of patients

Centura Health sets off national challenge to aid-in-dying laws after firing a Colorado doctor

A growing number of state aid-in-dying provisions are coming into conflict with faith-based hospitals, which oppose the practice on religious grounds

Colorado emergency rooms are trying something new to stem the opioid crisis: addiction treatment

An increasing number of Denver-area hospitals are offering patients medication in the emergency room to treat their dependencies in the hopes of nudging them into long-term care