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ballot initiative

ballot initiative

Opinion: How one Colorado anti-abortion ballot initiative could affect pregnant people in over 30 states

New data show Colorado law would force women to drive 30 times farther to reach an abortion clinic that can provide care later in pregnancy

Rewrite of Gallagher Amendment repeal explanation in Colorado’s state-issued voter guide leads to lawsuit

“Protect Our Homes Colorado,” which opposes Amendment B, has filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the printing of the so-called blue book until changes are made

17-year-olds would no longer be able to vote in Colorado primaries if ballot question passes

Amendment 76 will ask voters in November to specify that only U.S. citizens age 18 and older are eligible to participate in Colorado elections

Two lawsuits filed against Colorado governor’s decision to allow signature collection through email, mail

One of the groups suing is Due Date Too Late, which wants to ask voters in November to ban abortions in Colorado after 22 weeks. The other is Colorado Concern, whose members are business leaders in the state.

Colorado governor suspends laws to allow signature gathering for ballot initiatives by email and mail

Jared Polis, a Democrat, says he doesn’t want Coloradans’ rights to put initiatives on the November ballot to fall victim to coronavirus

TABOR repeal is off the table for 2020. Now it’s Initiative 271, a $2 billion tax hike targeting the wealthy

Vision 2020 Colorado, a coalition behind a tax system overhaul, tells The Sun it will move forward with a graduated income tax measure that will lower taxes for the vast majority