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Opinion: To argue against Colorado’s new Equal Pay Act is to argue against market transparency

And if more transparency means higher wages, then yes, please.

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Supporters of Colorado’s pay-transparency law eye protections for workers “blackballed” by national employers

Some big companies are refusing to hire remote workers in Colorado because of the 2019 Equal Pay Act. A Wall Street Journal article last week put a spotlight on the issue.

Politics and Government

Colorado renters and landlords are in a race with the eviction ban. Should the state intervene?

At least 80,000 Colorado renters are estimated to be behind on their rent, according to recent U.S. Census survey data. And the CDC ban on evictions is set to expire on June 30, if President Joe Biden does not extend it.


Sen. Winter, Rep. Gray: It’s time for Congress to catch up to Colorado on paid family leave

We desperately need transformational change that will dismantle the economic barriers that have burdened working Americans for decades.

Opinion Columns

Coloradans already struggling to afford housing say coronavirus has made their situation worse

Renters were already spending more of their income on housing than is recommended. Now they are cutting back on food and health care to stay in their homes, a new survey says.


Six months after eviction, a Denver woman wonders if she’ll ever have stable housing again

With winter approaching and COVID-19 cases on the rise, renters in arrears and housing advocates are all grateful for the eviction moratoriums, but say it’s far from enough.


Coronavirus dampens debut of program to give mobile home owners a fighting chance in disputes

A centerpiece of lawmakers’ 2019 push to challenge abusive actions by park owners was expected to bring an initial deluge of complaints. That hasn’t happened -- yet.


Parked: New state law brings hope to Colorado’s mobile-home residents

“There was a convergence.” Politics, a housing crisis and activism produced a long-awaited sign of hope for mobile-home owners.

Politics and Government

Here’s how Colorado Democrats aim to close the gender pay gap, starting with more wage transparency

Businesses and women-pay advocates compromise on Equal Pay for Equal Work Act to equalize pay for Colorado women, who earn 86 cents for every $1 a man makes.


It’s the Year of the Renter at the Colorado statehouse, from rent control to less stringent eviction timelines

Several bills are on Colorado Democrats’ agenda to fix what tenants call an imbalance of power, while landlords say too much, too fast could worsen housing crisis