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Opinion Columns

Opinion: Home-based health care is vital during the pandemic and beyond. Let’s support it.

Littwin: Next up in our theater of the absurd, the Sedition Caucus takes its turn in pushing Trump’s rigged-election fiction

Meanwhile in the real world, Democrats have won one Senate runoff race and seem poised to win the other in Georgia, which would, stunningly, give Dems effective control of the Senate.

Opinion: Delays in closing Colorado coal plants are costly in money and air quality

Opinion: A Colorado-born postcard campaign tries to trigger a blue wave in Georgia

Silverman: Ken Buck issued a warning to Lauren Boebert and the rest of us

Opinion: Former Agriculture Commissioner Peter Decker fought for equity for rural Colorado

Peter Decker, who ranched in Ridgway, understood education was essential to the vitality of farm and ranch communities, has died at age 86.

Opinion: We shouldn’t forget 2020’s lessons, but let’s embrace 2021’s promise

Littwin: Since the future is hard to predict, we’ll look back and see if that works any better

Of the 10 most-read columns I wrote for The Sun in 2020, 3 were about Trump, 3 about COVID, 2 Gardners, 1 Hancock and 1 Biden.

Carman: I’ll take a shot of vaccine, a beer and the house special … with extra everything

Nicolais: 2020 left us with at least one parting gift

After suffering through a year devoid of annual milestones, the same markers should have renewed importance as we hopefully move past coronavirus

Sen. Kerry Donovan: Connectivity beyond COVID-19: How we build a post-pandemic Colorado

The 25 most-read Colorado Sun guest opinion pieces of 2020

Our contributors weigh in on issues facing Colorado; here are the essays that drew the most readers

Opinion: Investing in the past comes at the expense of our kids’ future

Opinion: Colorado has a secret weapon to help struggling child-care providers

From our editor: Like so many, The Colorado Sun had its ups and downs in 2020. Here’s where we are today.

Colorado’s locally owned, independent news source doubled its membership, won a pile of awards and told stories that needed to be told.

Littwin: A thought experiment — what if Trump had called for $2,000 stimulus checks before the election?

It’s now left to Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP to determine whether the House-passed $2,000 check proposal gets a Senate vote. Anyone heard from Cory Gardner on this?

Opinion: U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree came from threatened Colorado national forest lands

Opinion: Why Colorado’s economy shouldn’t just return to “normal” after COVID-19

Opinion: Essential but invisible: cleaning workers deserve respect, especially in the COVID-19 era

Littwin: Some of the best books I read during the madness that has been 2020

For me, one good thing about the year is that it meant a lot more time to read actual books, a few of which, by the way, weren’t even particularly depressing.

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