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Michael Booth

Michael Booth is a Colorado Sun reporter covering health, health policy and the environment.

Colorado used since-“retired” memo when writing disputed Suncor refinery pollution permit

Colorado officials now say they have withdrawn the 2010 memo as guidance for staff, but whistleblowers say the technical analysis for Suncor uses the same unlawful rules and the permit should be torn up


Whistleblowers ask AG to expand probe into Colorado air pollution division

A broader roster of in-house complainants wants the investigation widened to include allegations about power plant and gold mine permits issued by state


Colorado Parks and Wildlife opens up nearly 200,000 acres for hunting, fishing access on school trust lands

Colorado now can use nearly 1 million more acres of the school lands for hunting, fishing and floating after three years of expanding access, though some want lower fees for hikers.


Suncor refinery’s bid for new permit gets rough hearing as advocates want to “end the cycle of problem, apology, repeat”

Refinery neighbors, environmental advocates say pollution controls should come with new Suncor permit


Colorado truly loves its Subarus, but when can the dog hang out the window of an electric version?

EV and Zero Emission Vehicle sales are picking up in the state, new stats show, but the lack of clean models in the SUVs and pickups we crave are bad signs for fast change in pollution


Colorado governor threatens to veto bill from fellow Democrats seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

“We're not willing to give dictatorial authority over our economy to one unelected board,” Gov. Jared Polis said.


Former mining company attorney regularly granted a past client exemptions as Colorado’s head of air pollution control, records show

Whistleblowers point to Director Garry Kaufman’s approval of exemptions for Newmont’s Cripple Creek & Victor Mine as clear conflicts of interest that prioritize the industry over public health


Colorado attorney general launches probe of whistleblowers’ air-pollution control complaints

Phil Weiser’s office asks for a third-party investigator to assess internal employee complaints that the Air Pollution Control Division ignored the law and falsified data


Environmental groups appeal court decision that would pave way for Denver Water to raise Gross Reservoir Dam

River and water defenders say judge erred in blocking their challenge to a massive expansion of Boulder County dam and lake


Colorado summer camps are gearing up for a full season of swimming, sightseeing — and sanitizing

Camps will make a big return this summer, with parents and kids alike eager for more carefree days. Many camps, catering to fewer kids, have already hit capacity.


Controversial Chimney Hollow Dam project near Loveland moving forward after $15 million settlement

Northern Water will begin construction of the 25-story Chimney Hollow dam this summer.


As Suncor permits come up for renewal, advocates see chance to push for pollution cuts at Commerce City refinery

An independent review required millions in safety shutoff spending to stop refinery leaks, but neighbors and advocates want more emission controls.


Beloved — and rare — sunset spot in Westminster has become a battleground between developers and neighbors

Builders want 5,500 people to live on what is now a hilltop respite and one of the largest infill open spaces around Denver, with a conflict to come over affordable homes, climate change and more.


Fifty books to understand the West


New Colorado health insurance subsidies open as search for people eligible but not enrolled ramps up

American Rescue Plan subsidies increase Thursday, and residents can apply through Aug. 15 for a broadly expanded menu of premium help


February storm eats up much of Cripple Creek schools’ energy budget for an entire year

A five-figure shocker has the tiny mountain district asking if anybody can help while they try to figure out where to cut.


Can Colorado sell enough EVs to hit its climate change goals?

Skeptics abound for getting to 100,000 in sales within a year or two when consumers are only buying a few thousand a year now.


Rural Colorado is footing the bill for February’s deep freeze — even if rural Colorado never got very cold

Angry utility customers in places like Grand Valley and Grand Mesa pen poison letters: “It’s a monopoly! Reduce obscene CEO pay!”


What is and isn’t allowed in Colorado when it comes to compelling people to get a coronavirus vaccine

No one at the moment is pushing for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, either at the state or federal levels. But businesses and Gov. Jared Polis’ administration are trying out incentives.


Environmental groups demand Polis remove Colorado Air Pollution Control director, call for independent investigation

A whistleblower complaint filed Tuesday accused state air regulators of illegally approving permits, telling staff to falsify records

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