Mile Hybrid Automotive technician Vong Chang dissembles the electric battery compartment inside a car Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at the shop in Denver. (Hugh Carey, The Colorado Sun)

Looking to recycle a used electric vehicle or hybrid-electric battery? Good luck. But we’ll try to help.

Thankfully, researchers from Colorado State University did much of the calling around for you as part of a state-sponsored study. 

Do not be discouraged that two direct quotes from the study are: “Gets requests all the time but doesn’t know what to do with them.” And, “Website says they will take Li-ion batteries; but cannot get a live person to answer the phone to confirm.”

If it’s not abundantly clear, call before you put 1,000 pounds of battery in your pickup and start driving. 

Places that will (probably) accept an EV battery, according to CSU researchers: 

  • AutoZone in Longmont told the callers, “they would take them and recycle them for the “green core” fee of $10.”  (303) 776-8490. 1210 Main St.
  • AutoZone on Colfax in Denver told researchers they would take EV batteries for free. 303-355-8000. 4585 E Colfax.
  • Electro Services in north Denver was a solid maybe, “depending on the chemistry” of the battery in question. 303-921-5211. 6321 Washington St., Unit K.
  • Batteries Plus on South Colorado Blvd. said they do take the batteries, for free, and send them out for recycling. (303) 504-0101. 2600 S. Colorado Blvd.
  • Mile Hybrid in northeast Denver, as discussed in our story on recycling EV batteries, will take an EV or hybrid battery for refurbishing, or, if dead, send it out for recycling. 720-445-4357. 5142 E 39th Ave.
  • Boulder Hybrids Repair Shop told researchers it could take only Prius hybrid batteries, but would do so for free and send them out for recycling. 303-325-7411. 6519 Arapahoe Rd Ste. 1.

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