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electric vehicles

electric vehicles

Colorado is behind on targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. How far should the state push industry to get there?

Critics say the governor's roadmap is guided by "wishful thinking" rather than binding mandates to cut emissions blamed for climate change.

Opinion: Xcel’s plan for transportation electrification is a win for consumers and for clean air

Colorado releases its plan to slash greenhouse gases, leaving some environmental groups wanting more

The Colorado Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap, nine months in the making, quickly drew flak when it was released on Wednesday

Opinion: What “Build Back Better” recovery could mean for Colorado

Opinion: Time for Colorado utilities to step on accelerator for electric vehicles

Colorado, Denver join 25 other cities and states in suing EPA for relaxing clean-car rule

The EPA’s final rule also could impact Colorado’s zero-emissions mandate

Colorado unveils new plan to get more electric vehicles — of all sizes — onto its roads

For the first time, the state has outlined plans for the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. But the coronavirus brings caveats.

Opinion: Colorado new car dealers welcome competition and electric vehicles

Auto dealers, electric-vehicle startups reach compromise to allow Colorado direct-to-consumer sales

Senate Bill 167 would clarify which automakers are allowed to sell electric vehicles without a dealership, after Tesla found a loophole

As more electric vehicles are on the way, Colorado’s tax incentives begin to wind down

Data shows fewer new EV buyers took advantage of state’s $5,000 tax credits, which drop to $2,500 next year.

Opinion: Coloradans deserve choice when buying a new car. Let customers rule.

Want cheaper electricity? Xcel Energy wants to help — if you’re willing to do your laundry at 2 a.m.

Xcel is asking the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to put all of its residential customers in Colorado on time-of-use rates to blunt the demand for electricity on summer afternoons and early evenings.

Opinion: Colorado’s climate future is now. Let’s confront the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Electric-vehicle makers want to sell directly to Coloradans. Dealers say that’s a “solution in search of a problem.”

Senate Bill 167 would let all makers of EVs, including Ford, sell their electric SUVs directly to customers, bypassing dealerships

Before Colorado’s legislative session starts, transportation spending sits at impasse and frustration is mounting

Republican leader Patrick Neville says the state needs to focus on roads, “not extra pogo stick lanes or bike lanes” as Democrats push back

Lyft is introducing a fleet of 200 electric Kias in Colorado, a car model that motorists here can’t even buy

A change to Colorado’s electric-vehicle tax credit law this year prompted the ride-sharing company to choose the state to launch its first EV fleet in the U.S.

Opinion: Want to solve the climate crisis? Stop widening roads

EPA set to end California’s ability to regulate fuel economy, which could impact Colorado

A dozen states -- including Colorado -- and the District of Columbia also follow California's fuel economy standards

Colorado commission votes 8-1 to adopt zero-emissions vehicle mandate after three-day hearing

Colorado's adoption of ZEV rule means more electric vehicles will be on sale in the state. Commissioner Tom Gonzales voting against the rule.

The fierce debate over Colorado’s new zero-emissions rules includes auto dealers who are meeting future standard

The proposed ZEV rules aren't a fix for Colorado's air-quality problems, officials say. If adopted, nearly 94% of new cars sold in 2030 could still be gas-powered vehicles.

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