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electric vehicles

electric vehicles
electric vehicles

Carman: As 2022 begins, vaccines, EVs and the allure of the cosmos give us much to celebrate

There's some good news looming on COVID-19 vaccines, the spread of electric vehicles and the cosmos, if we care to look for it

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The Aspen Police Department wants $300,000 to try out Tesla cop cars

Electrifying the city fleet helps achieve the Aspen City Council’s goals to address climate change

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Opinion: The science everyone needs to know about climate change, in 6 charts

With the United Nations’ climate conference in Scotland turning a spotlight on climate change policies and the impact of global warming, it’s useful to understand what the science shows.


Opinion: Colorado has a strong vision for electric vehicles. It needs stronger policies to achieve that vision

To reach the goal, the number of EVs needs to increase by 23 times by the end of the decade

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Your definitive – for now – Q&A for electric vehicles in Colorado

What you need to know about how to pick an EV, what subsidy you might get, where to charge it, what “range anxiety” means, and how Coloradans are totally geeking out on their statistics.


Xcel Energy’s new electric vehicle incentives include used-car rebates, wiring homes for chargers

Colorado’s dominant utility wins praise for expanding access to electrification at home. They have new and used EV rebates based on income, and will help in buying a faster charger and getting it wired safely


AAA Colorado will run rescue vans, tow trucks with alternative fuel from new hydrogen station

Auto club wants to jumpstart cleaner alternative energy by teaming with New Day Hydrogen on a station to fuel AAA vehicles and private fleets.


Opinion: To clean the air, Colorado must re-think its roads, not merely fill them with electric cars

A true solution involves replacing personal vehicles with buses and bikes

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Xcel Energy needs a smarter, greener electric grid. But should Colorado customers foot the $344 million bill for it?

If the Public Utilities Commission OK's Xcel’s largest ever rate increase, electric bills for Colorado customers will have increased 20% since the start of the year


Opinion: Colorado’s aggressive clean-energy policy will grow the economy

But getting the most out of it requires a federal-level response

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Opinion: Electric vehicles can help clean Colorado’s air — by preventing wildfires

Climate change is fueling more wildfires, and the smoke is turning the Front Range's polluted air toxic

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Colorado wants to add EV chargers to rest areas, but the federal government is blocking the road

Solving the problem of range anxiety is key to getting Colorado drivers to switch to electric vehicles and it would help to have chargers at interstate highway rest areas. The statehopes the new $715 billion transportation bill will get federal rules prohibiting them out of the way.


Here’s where you can recycle a used electric vehicle or hybrid-electric battery in Colorado


Coloradans looking for EV battery recycling don’t have many places to go

But a repair shop in northeast Denver — and a growing network of aggregators, shippers and grinders of “black mass” — have some ideas to handle the coming flood.


Opinion: 3 Colorado county leaders on how the new legislative plan for transportation could be revved up

The time for investing in our future is right now. Let's not kick the can down the road — again.

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Amazon’s first electric vans started delivering packages in the Denver area this week

The metro area is one of 16 cities planned for new Rivian delivery vans. But the EVs will stay close to distribution centers because of their limited 150-mile range.


Opinion: On Earth Day, let’s get real about how to reach Colorado’s electric vehicle goals

Why would the state demand that car dealers sell more EVs even while some work to discourage Coloradans from buying new cars and driving at all?

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Opinion: Hydrogen-powered vehicles must be part of Colorado’s plan to get to zero emissions

Along with stricter fuel standards for internal combustion engine vehicles, both hydrogen fuel cell and battery technologies will be needed to decarbonize transportation.

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All state parks in Colorado will get electric vehicle charging stations in deal with EV maker Rivian

Rivian will install the stations at each of Colorado’s 42 state parks at no charge, as state officials move to expand electric grid needed for changeover from gas to electric cars


As climate fight shifts to oil, Joe Biden faces a formidable foe in the West

New drilling permits spiked during Trump's final months in office. As a result, some companies with the biggest presence on public lands have announced that they are ready to weather changes under Biden.

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