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Summit Stage gets $35 million federal grant for electric bus operations center that will serve ski country

Summit Stage, the transit lifeline linking ski areas, workers and mountain towns in three counties, will get nearly $35 million from the federal infrastructure law to build an electric bus operations center and edge toward Summit County climate change goals.  It’s the largest federal grant Summit County has ever seen, and funds most of the […]

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Opinion: Electric vehicles make sense in cities, but not so much anywhere else

John Muir, naturalist and noted environmental advocate, said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” And so it is with electric vehicles — their operation and, especially, the production of their batteries.  How “Green” are electric vehicles? Are they good for the environment? […]

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Zornio: Colorado’s e-bike rebates could help many of us reduce our carbon footprint, with a smile

As a long-time bike commuter, I’ve easily pedaled thousands of miles over the years. But as much as I love to ride, I’ve always felt a small pang of guilt for falling short in not using my bicycle for all my daily transportation needs. Hopefully, Colorado is about to reduce my carbon footprint with its […]

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Colorado gas is at $5. In electric vehicle vs. gas car, who wins?

Gas prices neared $5 a gallon last week, according to AAA Colorado, so it’s time for a detailed breakdown of what it would cost the average person to run an electric vehicle for a year compared to a traditional car at sky-high fuel prices. With help from Matt Frommer, a transportation analyst and spreadsheet fanatic […]