The U.S. Rafting Team was about 4 minutes off pace to beat a speed record for running Grand Canyon when it passed under Black Suspension Bridge near Phantom Ranch on Jan. 10, 2020, about 88 miles into the 277-mile course. About 50 people gathered on the bridge to cheer on the team. (Photo provided by Deirdre O'Connell)

Colorado rafting team falls short in second attempt at speed record down the Grand Canyon 

They finished in 37 hours, 55 minutes, missing the 34-hour, 2-minute record set by kayaker Ben Orkin in 2016.

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Opinion: Denver residents refused to wear masks during 1918 pandemic. What have we learned?

Enforcement was an issue. Residents routinely refused to wear masks even when threatened with arrest and hefty fines. Soon Denver had the highest fatality rate in the nation.

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Tracing the arc of her life, Emily Wortman-Wunder explores the intersection of nature, humanity

In "Not a Thing to Comfort You," the author draws on her greatest personal challenge: Raising her children to love nature while honoring their suburban lifestyle

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Humanity and nature, mother and son, fulfillment and regret — a field guide

In a short story from her debut collection, author Emily Wortman-Wunder melds her love of wildlife and short fiction into a heart-wrenching meditation