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Bodie Hilleke follows family legacy, becoming youngest kayaker to navigate Grand Canyon

The Glenwood Springs fifth grader -- the youngest of four and the son of a kayaking legend -- capped a summer of epic river trips with a world record by cleanly kayaking 280 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Opinion: Protecting Colorado’s rivers and water is investing in our future

Colorado boat sales boom as people use rivers to keep adventure flowing during coronavirus

Salida stand-up-paddle board maker Mike Harvey calls the demand “insane,” joining a chorus of watercraft retailers and manufacturers reporting record business

Colorado rafting team falls short in second attempt at speed record down the Grand Canyon 

They finished in 37 hours, 55 minutes, missing the 34-hour, 2-minute record set by kayaker Ben Orkin in 2016.

Colorado rafting team poised for second attempt at breaking speed record down Grand Canyon

U.S Rafting Team is back with a new raft design and veteran guides in mission to row 277 miles in less than 34 hours. 

U.S. water chief praises Colorado River deal, but she also sees challenges

The river supplies 40 million people in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming as well as a $5 billion-a-year agricultural industry

Opinion: The Arkansas River is a vital lifeblood to our recreation economy. It needs protection.

Water crisis looms if Colorado fails to meet its legal obligations to other states, study warns

If water consumption increases by as little as 12%, the risk of Front Range spigots and farmland going dry doubles. But some call the findings scare tactics.

After decades of negotiations, restoration efforts on Colorado’s heavily diverted Fraser River are showing signs of success

Waterway improvements in Grand County are impressive, but with major Front Range water projects looming, environmentalists worry gains are just "a Band-Aid."

MAP: At least 22 people have died on Colorado’s rivers and reservoirs this year amid fierce runoff

The Arkansas River has been the deadliest stretch of water in the state so far, with three deaths

Stand-up paddler dies Saturday on Arkansas River, marking Colorado’s eighth water death of the season

Michael James, 40, of Boulder, was last seen in the Buena Vista whitewater park before his body was found downstream

Opinion: Colorado rivers and water security — worth the investment

Colorado Springs’ downtown creek has long been viewed as a blight. Then one man started catching trout in it.

Colorado Springs is one of only a few remaining Front Range cities without a creek or river being regularly used for recreation. “There’s so many opportunities," said Alan Peak.

2 women die Friday in Gunnison Basin, bringing Colorado’s spring runoff death toll to at least 5

A Colorado Springs woman, Roberta Sophia Rodriguez, is also missing in the South Fork of the Rio Grande

Colorado’s snowpack delivered an epic ski season. Now it’s rafters’ turn — even if they’re a little nervous

Snow that piled up this winter could come rushing down too fast and too fierce for river fun

Colorado drought levels drop by half in a week; governor declares snowpack is “epic”

The U.S. Drought Monitor reported on Thursday that there is no more extreme or exceptional drought conditions in the state, which plagued the Four Corners region after the dry 2018 winter and summer

“We all recognize we’re looking at a drier future”: Official declares Colorado River drought plan complete

Under the drought plan, states voluntarily would give up water to keep Lake Mead on the Arizona-Nevada border and Lake Powell upstream on the Arizona-Utah border from crashing. Mexico also has agreed to cuts.

Arizona joins Colorado River drought plan just before federal deadline in effort to keep reservoirs from draining too low

The nightmare scenario for Arizona, California, Nevada and Mexico — which draw from Lake Mead — is a phenomenon called "dead pool," in which the level of the lake's surface falls below the gates that let water out

Arizona lawmakers under pressure to approve seven-state Colorado River drought plan before federal deadline

After years of work, the West is “tantalizingly close” to shoring up water supplies in Lake Powell, Lake Mead

Colorado’s snow season is starting off strong. These satellite photos tell the story.

There's good reason to believe it will be a solid snow year in Colorado

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