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Colorado River

Colorado River
Colorado River

Hydropower is 53% of the renewable energy supply in the West. Drought is slowing down production.

Tri-State Generation, the largest hydropower customer on the Colorado River system, says it has enough other sources of energy to make up for less hydro production.


Even less water is now forecast to flow into Lake Powell this year, report says

The final NOAA forecast for the season predicts the amount of water to reach Lake Powell this year to be about 60% of average.


Body in barrel found at bottom of Lake Mead as drought depletes reservoir

Officials predict the ongoing drought could lead to more grim findings


Las Vegas’ water intake now visible at drought-stricken Lake Mead

Lake Mead and Lake Powell upstream are the largest human-made reservoirs in the U.S., part of a system that provides water to more than 40 million people


Attempt to stop Colorado water speculation is circling the drain

Despite intense pressure from drought, downstream states and private-money water development, the legislature says impinging farmers’ right to sell is too risky.


500,000 acre-feet of water will be released from Flaming Gorge reservoir in Wyoming to protect Lake Powell

Blue Mesa near Gunnison is for the moment safe from letting more water go, but Colorado River Drought Operations Plan says that could change


Interior Department may limit Lake Powell water releases to protect infrastructure, hydropower production

The potential plan would not immediately impact Colorado water users, but it’s another sign of the challenges facing the Colorado River


Glenwood Springs granted right to build whitewater parks after 9 years in water court

Approvals for in-river recreational water diversions have slowed to a trickle as conservationists call to reform the whole process


The Colorado River Basin looks to be locking in another dry year 

April NOAA forecast predicts the water headed for Lake Powell will be around two-thirds of average


Opinion: The simple, big reason Colorado’s rivers are drying up

More water is being used than is being replenished. Dams don’t fix that

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Colorado River Basin hydropower revenue could be down 38%, forcing environmental programs to seek funding elsewhere

The Upper Colorado Endangered Fish Recovery Program, which is helping four species recover, gets majority of its funding from hydropower sales


Colorado hits a “hard pause” on water demand management as it waits for other states to catch up

The Colorado Water Conservation Board wants to instead focus on what can be done to help Colorado water users this year


Plan to reconnect the Colorado River for the first time since 1985 gets major donation

Plan championed by Trout Unlimited for 1-mile channel around Windy Gap Reservoir would restore flows and allow fish passage


Zornio: Amid growing water shortages, Colorado’s agricultural scene must change

As droughts continue to ravage the American West, traditional methods of agriculture remain the top drain on Colorado's dwindling water supply

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Lake Powell likely to drop below critical level in next two weeks

Water managers in the Colorado River Basin have tried to keep Lake Powell from falling under 3,525 feet — it’s likely to happen soon.


22 years of drought in Colorado, rest of the Southwest is worst stretch in 1,200 years, study shows

Climate change made the current megadrought worse, study of tree ring data says. CSU researcher who reviewed the work says the conditions aren’t likely to improve


The Colorado River Basin’s water forecast looked good in January. Now everything has changed.

Data collected from Colorado River Basin sensors recorded near- or record-low snowfall in the last three weeks of January


Trains will carry “waxy crude” oil through Colorado every day after Utah approves new railway

The Surface Transportation Board last month approved the Uinta Basin Railway, which will push three to 10 trains of ‘waxy crude’ through Colorado communities every day.


States volunteer to take more cuts in Colorado River water to stave off mandatory requests

The plan requires Arizona, Nevada and California to cut 500,000 acre-feet in 2022 and 2023 and requires financial investment from the states to fund water efficiency projects and programs to reduce usage throughout the lower basin.


Colorado wants to keep investors from flipping water rights. Let the speculation begin.

Legislators want to tackle water speculation after two companies buying up water rights in Grand Valley and the San Luis Valley sparked fears

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